Mantorp Season Finale 27 – 29 sep

Get ready för the season finale of Northern Europe’s largest car festival! Here you’ll get the opportunity for some extra driving on the track. The finals in Gatebil Extreme will take place, experience a really action-packed drifting competition and an Aftertarck in true Gatebil spirit.

See you at Gatebil Season Finale at Mantorp Park!

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Gatebil goes beyond track driving. At every Gatebil event, we also host a spectacular car exhibition, partnered with ARN Racing and Meguiars at Mantorp Park events. The Gatebil Showgarden will be open from Friday to Sunday during the Gatebil Summer Festival. Prepare for exciting activities like the Limbo competition, track parades, and an amazing atmosphere that lasts all day and night!

Basically anyone who thinks that their car is worth to see can sign up and see where it goes.
To participate in the Gatebil Showgarden, you apply to: Vote (

When your application is approved, your application will be accepted on the website and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Places are limited and we reserve the right to not to have any space for drivers who have not done pre-register.

Do you have a show car that will be in another stand at the Gatebil Summer Festival?
Then you can still take part in the exhibition and thus win great prizes. To participate in the Showgarden, we want you to register your car at Vote (

Are you a larger group or a club?
Email with information about the name of the club and the number of cars and we will try to solve it so that you can stand together.

No separate tickets are required to participate in the Gatebil Showgarden. To participate, you need a festival ticket, as well as a car pass for your car. Tickets are advantageously bought in advance, but it is of course fine to buy tickets in the entrance when you arrive at Gatebil.

Award ceremony takes place Sunday at Gatebil Taxi tent at 12:45
The ARN Racing Award and Gatebil Award are awarded on the main stage during Saturday’s Aftertrack!

Showgarden categories:

The top 3 in the following categories are voted for by an appointed jury:

  1. Made in EU
  2. Made in USA
  3. Made in Asia
  4. Retro – Made before 1999
  5. Stance
  6. Race car
  7. Best in Showgarden
  8. Best EPA
  9. Pop the Hood – Best engine compartment
  10. Swing the Doors – Best decor
  11. Dancing in Neon

People Choice – Top 3 of People Choice are voted for online by visitors.

Special prizes are categories where a winner is handpicked by an appointed jury/parner:

  1. Arn Racing Award – utsedd av Arn Racing
  2. Meguiars Shine and Finish – utsedd av Meguiar’s
  3. Random Kid Award
  4. Gatebil Award – utsedd av Gatebil’s egna personal
  5. Best Spirit Award – den bil som har bäst commitment under paraden.
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Season finale aftertrack på Mantorp

På Mantorp Season Finale Festival blir det Aftertrack lørdag kveld. Her samles alle til stort fest med live konsert, dj’s og annen underholdning.

Alle over 18 år med festivalbillett har adgang til Aftertrack.
Billetter selges ikke separat.

Gatebil Taxi
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Do you want to experience everything Gatebil has to offer? Then camping is a must!
Here you will find information and rules of procedure that are important to follow in order for everyone to have a good experience at the Camping area.

All Gatebil festivals have large camping areas where everyone can fit in. Groups that wish to stand together are asked to arrive at Gatebil at the same time, alternatively to hold a place for the people in the group who arrive later.

All visitors with a festival ticket can stay at the campsite. Camping is included in the ticket price. Caravans can be parked for free on the campsite, but you must buy a “car pass” for the car pulling the caravan. “Car pass” is required for all vehicles used on the campsite. The car pass costs SEK 500 when purchased in advance or SEK 650 at the entrance and is valid for the entire weekend. It is the same price for passenger cars, motorhomes and other types of vehicles.

Example: 3 friends come driving in the same car with a camper and will stay at the campsite. They each buy a festival ticket, as well as 1 car pass for the car pulling the caravan. The car pass is valid for the entire stay at Gatebil.

Both the festival campsite and the Race-Camp are right next to the track, so close that you wake up in the morning to the smell of tire smoke and roaring tuned cars driving at full speed a few meters away.

For teams that will drive, we have our asphalted depot with access to electricity. These places are limited and some areas are reserved for teams in advance, and the selection of this is made by Gatebil. Priority is given here to competing teams that have been around for a long time and with the goal of creating a structured depot that is pleasant for visitors.

At the festival campsite, there can often be a good atmosphere in the evening. For those of you who wish to camp in a slightly quieter area, we offer family camping. The campsite is located along the road towards Skänninge, next to the main entrance. We want all of you to experience the best festival possible, but because there are only limited places available in family camp – first come, first served.

On the area map for Gatebil, you will find markings where there are showers and toilets.

On all Gatebils, there is Aftertrack in the evening. The aftertrack offers concerts, shows and DJ gigs on the large outdoor stage. All visitors over 18 with a festival ticket have access to the Aftertrack.


  1. CLEAN YOUR OWN CAMPING AREA – If it’s a bit messy at your campsite during the festival, no security guard will ask you to clean up. But before you travel home, the campsite must be in the same condition as when you arrived. It is not permitted to leave sofas, refrigerators, broken caravans, etc behind. Trash must be collected in garbage bags, which are then taken care of by our cleaning staff.
  2. FIRE, GLASS AND DRIVING – Risk of fire is something we all have to take seriously – common sense is what you need to use. Barbecues are permitted unless otherwise specified. Glass bottles are not allowed. Broken glass is a danger to festival visitors and vehicles. Walking speed applies to all motor and electric vehicles at the festival.
  3. LET THE CAR STAND! – On the campsite, it is not allowed to drive a car after 21:00. It is only permitted to drive cars on the campsite when you arrive or leave Gatebil. Starting engines and revving are also not allowed.
  4. SECURITY GUARDS AND POLICE AT GATEBIL – The security guards are responsible for ensuring that visitors have a pleasant stay at Gatebil, the police also visit the festival at regular intervals. Fire department personnel and the infirmary are open 24 hours a day. See area map to find the location.
  5. MUSIC – The whole festival area must be quiet after 02:00. Loud music must not be played on the family campsite. After 8:00 p.m. the family campsite must be completely quiet.
Gatebil Shop
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The Gatebil shop is the meeting point in Gatebil. It is impossible not to see it – since it is so big and yellow. Here you can buy the new collection of Gatebil clothing, or say hello and ask questions to our taxi team, which is located right next to the Gatebil shop. Drop by, say hi!

Or buy Gatebil Clothing online: HERE.

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Opening hours
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Camping/TeamDay ticketsDepotTrack
Thursday11:00 – 22:0011:00 – 22:00*09:00 – 17:00*
Friday08:00 – 22:0008:00 – 17:0008:00 – 22:0009:00 – 17:00
Saturday08:00 – 22:0008:00 – 17:0008:00 – 22:0009:00 – 17:00
Sunday08:00 – 17:0008:00 – 17:0008:00 – 17:0009:00 – 17:00

Gatebil shop

Thursday19:00 – 21:00
Friday09:00 – 20:00
Saturday09:00 – 20:00
Sunday10:00 – 16:00
Track Driving
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Gatebil handler selvsagt først og fremst om frikjøring på banen. For både bane og gatebiler. Sånn har det alltid vært! Og for at ALLE skal kunne finne sin plass tilpasset type bil, ambisjonsnivå og kjørestil. Her er oversikt om alle typer av kjøring som som skal skje på Vålerbanen 2024!

Track driving for everyone
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This heat is for you who want to drive on the track with your car, but not slide or drift. In the straight line group, you can test your sports car, rebuilt car or just see what your old GTI can do on the track. Maybe to try to improve your lap times or just feel like driving over the speed limit legally. In this group, therefore, drifting is not allowed. If you want to skid or drift, do not drive the Straight Line!

When you would like to try out sliding through the corners or you are just in the beginning of your drifting carrier, this is the heat for you. Drive fast and drift in the corners. In Open Line, you keep a little more distance between the cars so that everyone has the opportunity to test drifting in a slightly “calmer” way. You are not allowed to drift on the straights or use the hand brake to set up the car into the corners. If you are a racing driver in drifting, you should not drive in this group, then it is Drift Line that suits you better!

Drift Line ROOKIE fits for you who just want to drift – preferably all over the course at all times! You can practice your skills and drift all the way around the track. If you dont have 1000 horsepowers and are not a trained drifter – this is the pass for you!

Here we find the fastest drifting PRO drivers. If you are a racing driver in drifting, this is where you should drive. Here you drive faster and with less distance to each other with 100% operation all the time. If you have drift licence and a car with plenty of horsepowers this might be the heat for you!

Gatebil Extreme is Gatebil’s own Time Attack and Racing series, where everything from home-built budget cars to fully professional former factory cars participate. The series follows the FIA’s safety requirements, but otherwise you are almost free to do what you want with the car, and several have engines of over an incredible 1000 horses. Gatebil Extreme was started in 2005, and since then over 200 cars/drivers have participated.

In Time Attack, the best lap time applies. Here, the course is open for 45 minutes, where participants can choose to drive just 1 round, or 18 as the maximum allowed. Everyone can drive in the pit lane or depot at any time to change tires and adjust the car, and out on the track again to try to drive even faster. It is 5 race in the series, 1 at each festival. The times from the Extreme Time Attack provide the starting line-up for the Extreme Race.

Extreme Race is a racing series with a joint start and first to the finish line. How many laps – varies from the track competition is held on – Vålerbanen, Mantorp park or Rudskogen. It is 10 race in the series, 2 at each festival.

Anyone with a licensed race car is basically welcome to participate. For registration or questions – contact

Kristiana Magreca
Tel: (+47) 40052742

Technical rules and competition rules are sent to participants before each festival.

I want to drive on the track!
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Anyone who wants to drive and wants to have fun on the track has the opportunity to do so at Gatebil!

Track driving
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• Valid driver’s license
• Drivers suit (does not need to be FIA)
• Helmet
• A car that you drive must be in a good technical condition at Gatebil.
• Must register for track driving at the secretariat,
• The car must pass a technical check on the spot (requirement for a technical check at Track Driving)
• Attend a driver’s meeting before going out for a drive.

The Road Traffic Act applies. The blood alcohol limit is 0. Random tests can be carried out both by the Police and representatives from the track.

The car must undergo a technical inspection. Here it is checked that the car is fit to be on the track. The car must be:

• Cleared of all loose objects.
• In generally good condition where everything is well attached.
• Be equipped with lights in accordance with the Road Traffic Act or applicable regulations for the car type/class.
• Whole and neat, all bodywork parts must be intact and in the same colour.
• Without leaks from engine, gearbox, cooling, brakes or dampers.
• An open wastegate is not allowed.
• The rear bumper must be mounted lower than the center of the wheel.
• Wheels must not protrude beyond screens.
• There should be no moving parts that protrude from the bonnet unprotected (pulley etc.).
• The convertible must drive with the roof back on and have a sufficient roll bar.

There is a 100dB limit at all Gatebil Festivals. This is checked both technically and during driving. Violation of noise on the course results in a response flag. Repeated violations may result in a refusal to access the track.

Buy track driving ticket and register yourself online!

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Registration for Breisladd is done when you buy a ticket for track driving. You tick off whether you want to participate in the Breisladden. We publish a list of all participants before the event. Buy a Track Driving ticket and sign up for Breisladd.

Gatebil Drift Battle
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Information comming soon

More info

Anyone with a licensed race car is basically welcome to participate. For registration or questions – contact Hans Jørgen in Gatebil.

Tlf: (+47) 915 95 257

Technical rules and competition rules are sent to participants before each festival.

Be a passenger!
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• All passengers must be over 150 cm tall,
• Have a driving suit (does not need to be FIA)
• Helmet
• Buy a passenger license digitally (Tickster)
• Attend the driver’s meeting

• All passengers must be over 16 years of age.
• Passangers under the age of 16 must have a guardians approval.
• Have a driving suit (does not need to be FIA)
• Helmet
• Buy a passenger license digitally (Tickster)
• Attend the driver’s meeting

The area
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Hotel nearby
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Search for hotels in Mjölby, a small village just 10 minutes by car from Mantorp Park. There is also the possibility of several hotels in Linköping, which is about 20 minutes north of Mantorp Park.

Way to Gatebil
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Mantorp Park is located right along the E4, between Mjölby and Linköping in Östergötland. Take exit no. 110 if you come by car on the E4. Continue a few hundred meters towards Skänninge (pass Circle K on the right), and the main entrance is on the left. Most trains stop in Linköping, and many in Mjölby. From these two cities there are commuter trains to Mantorp. There is an airport in Linköping, but unless you fly KLM or SAS, we recommend Stockholm-Skavsta in Nyköping where many low-cost flights fly to.

Mantorp park
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Gatebil rents stands to companies at all festivals. Here you can get as large or as small area as you want, where you can sell, demonstrate or just make contacts and present your brand to the visitors.

Contact Norway: Lars Fredriksen: +47 936 73 040 /

Contact Sweden: Marcus Stenmrak: +46 70 321 49 54 /

Become a partner!
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Gatebil has many partners with whom we collaborate in various ways. No partner agreements with Gatebil er alike. Not on price or content. Some partners participate more actively in the festivals, while others want to be visible in other ways in the large Gatebil environment.Get in touch today for a price quote on a partner agreement, tailored to your company/your products or services.

Contact Norway: Lars Fredriksen: +47 936 73 040 /

Contact Sweden: Marcus Stenmak: +46 70 321 49 54 /