Gundersen Motorsport is Gatebil’s most loyal partner and has been involved every year since 2002! During these years we have built a very strong and reliable partnership, and visitors at Gatebil can always see Gundersen Motorsport stand in Gatebil Festivals, where there is a wide spectrum of products -even Exhaust, hoses, fluids and couplings and other products that often are being used up at Gatebil.

Gundersen Motorsport also rents out driving suits to the public, a great offer for those of you who might get an opportunity to test drive a friend’s car, or ride with a friend. All the suits you can hire from Gundersen are approved, and you pay for hourly or daily hire.

Visit Gundersen Motorsport homepage and online shop!

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Tlf: + 47 22 50 38 48
Adresse: Strømsveien 226, 0668 Oslo