Gatebil partner since 2019, that is fitting in so perfectly, that we almost can’t imagine Gatebil festivals without them.

Meguiars – more than 120 years of experience!
As the world’s oldest and one of the largest car care manufacturers in the world, Meguiars have both the expertise and the products for you or your company. What began as a simple furniture polish manufacturer, in the garage of founder Frank Meguiar Jr, now spans four generations of the Megiuar family. Even in his wildest dreams, it’s doubtful that Frank Meguiar Jr could have foreseen what his first bottle of furniture polish back in 1901 would become a century later.

Meguiar’s Inc has become a global leader in car care and is proud to present our next generation of products, tools and accessories to the serious car enthusiast. We work hard to set a new standard of quality through efficiency in the industry.

From the first bottle of furniture polish, Frank Meguiar Jr and his company built on high quality and an understanding of consumer needs. Today, through collaboration with serious car enthusiasts worldwide, Meguiar’s has created a strong and safe brand. This is shown in the results and lifestyle within the car hobby.

To Gatebil Meguiars was brought by Thomas Huse and Norsk Prol AS, that was established in 1986 and is a major supplier of chemical engineering products to all types of industry, the automotive industry, service industries, public agencies, offshore, etc.

Meguiars and Showgarden

Meguiars is all about car care and cars looking as good as they can be, same goes for Gatebil Showgarden, and that is exact reason these two are inseparable nowadays! Meguiars is taking care of all the participants and visitors, so if you drop by Showgarden, don’t hesitate to start up a conversation – these guys are the best in the market!

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Norsk Prol AS
Teglverksveien 57
3057 Solbergelva
Phone: +47 32 84 27 00

Terje Huse
Phone: +47 909 72 472

CEO: Thomas Huse
Phone: +47 900 33 115