Brian James Trailers and Gatebil

Our partner for many years Brian James Trailers continues to be with us also in 2024, and will keep on being main partner for Gatebil Extreme Series! This is a partnership that literally gets us everywhere we go, as we are using Brian James Trailers RT5 and RT6 every time we transport our yellow taxis all around Norway and Sweden!

News from Brian James Trailers:

Brian James Trailers are releasing The Race Transporter 7, which is lighter, stronger and smarter and takes enclosed car transport to another level with exceptional levels of specification. Available in black or white and in weight saving twin-axle as well tri-axle variants.

Read more about the new Brian James Race Transporter 7 here!

– The ultimate, high specification enclosed car trailer available in twin or tri-axle variants.
– Lighter and stronger chassis combined with lightweight composite flooring delivers significant weight saving to the benefit of greater load capability.
– First in class actuator powered rear door as well as electric tilt bed and electric winch with synthetic rope; all standard features.
– Full LED lighting.
– Wheels under bed provide maximum bed width suitable for carrying wide vehicles.


Brian James Trailers is a company that specialises in manufacturing car transporters and commercial trailers. ​ They are known for their high levels of customer service and aftermarket support. The trailers they offer are designed to have quiet towing characteristics and are suitable for transporting a variety of vehicles, including diggers, dumpers, excavators, and access equipment. Brian James Trailers are imported and sold in Norway by Tilhengernor AS in Dal near Gardermoen.

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Already since 2017 Brian James Trailers have been the main partner of Gatebil Extreme. Gatebil Extreme is Gatebil’s own Time Attack and Racing series, where everything from home-built budget cars to fully professional former factory cars participate. The series follows the FIA’s safety requirements, but otherwise you are almost free to do what you want with the car, and several have engines of over an incredible 1000 horses. Gatebil Extreme was started in 2005, and since then over 200 cars/drivers have participated.


There are many more trailers that are in the group for Automotive!


SMOOTH RIDE – Designed for long distance and heavy loads, running gear features rubber torsion axles for stable, effortless towing, low maintenance sealed for life bearings and auto-reverse brakes for increased driving security.
MARKET LEADERS – a good reputation for quality and reliability has made BJT the go-to manufacturer for the automotive logistics and motorsport industries for over 40 years.
PERSONALISATION – All trailers are highly configurable with an extensive range of options enabling to create a trailer that’s perfect for the user.
STRONG RESIDUAL VALUES – a quality that has ensured users with a strong residual value. As well as working hard, the trailers hold their value for many years.
HIGHER STANDARDS – There is a high level of standard specification across the automotive ranges including spare wheel, locking coupling head and rear loading ramps.
DEALER SUPPORT – Dealers ar chosen for their high levels of customer service and aftermarket support, which is combined with excellent product availability.
AVAILABILITY – Good levels of stock available immediately, or the ability to ´make to order´ your exact specification with a short lead time.
PRICE PROTECT – promise that guarantees the price at time of order, even if prices rise before delivery.
5 YEAR WARRANTY – all trailers come with a 5 year chassis warranty.

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