Our partner for many years Brian James Trailers continues to be with us also in 2024, and will keep on being main partner for Gatebil Extreme Series! This is a partnership that literally gets us everywhere we go, as we are using Brian James Trailers RT5 and RT6 every time we transport our yellow taxis all around Norway and Sweden!

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Homepage https://www.tilhengernor.no/merker/brian-james/

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Gatebil Extreme partner movie made by Gatebil:

TilhengerNor partner movie made by TilhengerNor:

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Brian James Trailers distributor in Norway is Tilhengernor AS:

Homepage https://www.tilhengernor.no/merker/brian-james/
Phone nr. +47 91202000
Email: salg@tilhengernor.no
Adress: trondheimsveien 71, 2072 Dal
Opening hours: 08:00-16:00