Gatebil Super3 winners – TEAM DATSUN

Throughout a massive fight there was a team showing great synchronisation, and a lot of spectators turned out to be right, when they said, that TEAM DATSUN is going to take the victory, and they did! Congratulations to H.Berentsen/S.Erga/T.A.Kvia!

In the second place we have a team that never had driven together before Qualification – M.Reichert/N.Bertãns/J.Rasmussen in TEAM EUROPA. 17-year old Nikolass Bertāns from Latvia, for whom this was the very first Gatebil arrived and showed some skills merged in a team together with Michel Reichert and J. Rasmussen. They are a proof that love for drifting can be strong bond alone.

In the third place we have our last years winners – TEAM FULLFINANS! These boys are a proof, that their victory last year wasn’t just a beginners luck, but real skills of young and strong drivers! Congratulations!

Here is the the result of SUPER 3 FINALS in july 2022:

1Team DatsunH.Berentsen/S.Erga/T.A.Kvia
2Team EuropaM.Reichert/N.Bertãns/J.Rasmussen
3Team FullfinansJ.Skjevling/R.Bullen/J.Øraker
4Team SvartStripM.Furberg/J.Furberg/J.Tangen
5Team Scandinacian CoctailJ.Rasmussen/M.Nordengen/M.Rayes
6Team Gutta BackerO.Hasdal/O.-H.Helstad/P.Elnes
7Team RymaxO.M.Davanger/J.Haugenes/S.Olsen
8Team All inP.A.R.Eriksen/C.Syvertsen/C.Sveum
9Team Dad and the WankersM.Vonka/L.Vonka/K.Nordnes
10Team Brick SquadS.Tveite/M.Humlekjær/K.Isaksen
11Team BuldreD.Mønster/S.Rudsengen/P.Eggum
12Team Sørby UtleieØ.Bogen/A.Øvergaard/J.Waagaard