What a race did we get to experience on Sunday afternoon at Gatebil Race Festival in Rudskogen! Three different cars were fighting for first position and they were Torger Johansen (Chevrolet Camaro) who took his chance in the first corner, and were holding the position for a brief period of two laps and made us think – everything is possible. That though did not last any longer and after experiencing some car issues, Torger had to stop the car. At this moment Kai Roger Bakken took over the leader position, and then we got to really see some Extreme racing!

Fight between Newcomer Mads Siljehaug (KTM GT2) and long time Mr. Extreme – Kai Roger Bakken (Lotus Esprit Replica) continued throughout the competition and Siljehaug did not let Bakken to take any breath, as he was sitting in his tale for the whole race, until the very last lap, where in the second corner Bakken’s car gave up, and Mads finally got his say. Victory was his!

Second place took Andreas Vaa (Porsche 997 RSR), who was holding in fourth position but moved up when Torger Johansen and Kai Roger Bakken stopped their cars before finishing.

Quite a gap behind them was Hans Frisak (Porsche 991 Cup), who enjoyed quite a comfortable race as there wasn’t anyone near him and he could concentrate on mastering every corner after his own wishes. He took the third position in Gatebil Extreme Race #8.

Further on the list – in the fourth place we have Hans Jørgen Andersson (Porsche 997 Cup).

Fifth place was taken by one of the most positive Gatebil Extreme drivers from Husenes Racing Team Kjetil Teigen (Audi Quattro A2).

And sixth in this eventful race was Vidar Jødahl (BMW M3 E30) from Buldre Racing team.


PlaceNameCarCar#Total TmBest TmPoints
1Mads SiljehaugKTM GT22411:39.901:25.40
2Andreas VaaPorsche 997 RSR9011:42.501:26.1120
3Hans FrisakPorsche 911 GT36512:04.601:28.4106
4Hans Jørgen AnderssonPorche 997 GT3 Cup7612:12.801:29.696
5Kjetil TeigenAudi Quattro A22612:49.301:34.388
6Vidar JødahlBMW M3 E309412:59.601:35.682
7Ronny TeigenPorsche 996 Cup16213:02.301:35.376
8Jarko AnderssonBMW M5 E343413:09.501:35.470
9Christian JørgensenBMW E46 M316613:11.601:36.366
10Robert SlettenBMW E3614212:27.001:41.762
11Anna Sand SkjærbekkBMW E36 M3412:30.601:43.758
DNFKai Roger BakkenLotus Esprit Replica5110:13.001:26.346
DNFMarcus Insane ÖstlidChevrolet Corvette C6 GT21010:20.001:35.944
DNFInge HansesæterBMW E462510:22.301:31.442
DNFTorger JohansenChevrolet Camaro1403:00.801:29.840
DNFKjetil FinneProsport 30007003:23.701:39.838
DNFPål Rickard EidsvoldPorsche 93521001:37.501:35.836
DNSKjell FrykåsFord Anglia410
DNSKenneth AxemarkChevrolet Monte Carlo310
DNSLars Christian StugaardBMW M3450
DNSRaimond NornesBMW M3 E36 Flossmann1130
DNSVidar TømmeråsAudi TT990