New main partner – Safedrive!

Safedrive and Gatebil has started a new and very special partnership, that both sides have agreed will start with a three years contract.

Gatebil offers action, speed and excitement on the track, so that people would know and understand the power of their vechicles, and this is a skill, that is possible to learn, as long as you do it on safe grounds in a controlled environment. Our goal has always been bringing people to the track, and not to have people testing their cars in the traffic. This is where our goal aligns with our new partners – Safedrive. This is a partnerships that feels very natural and feels right, as both Gatebil’s and Safedrive’s goal is to keep the road safe.

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Safedrive has already been present in Gatebil festivals having their stands and after getting to know Gatebil visitors, seeing a very positive feedback, decided therefore on taking the collaboration a step further and entering a partnership with Gatebil.

This is what Safedrive’s general manager, Magnus Wester, says: “Gatebil is known as “The hottest track day festivals in the world”, with participants and visitors from all over the world. In total, over 80,000 car-free people visit Gatebil’s five festivals every year.”

Lars Gjøran Fredriksen in Gatebil, explains why Gatebil is now entering into a multi-year collaboration with Safedrive.

– This year we have entered into a partnership with Safedrive, as our new main partner. One of the reasons why we wanted it is that we are both working towards a common goal, which is to get high-speed driving away from the roads and into a safe environment on the track. We have a car event where the public can take their car – whether it’s a track car or a daily driver – to the track.

Looking forward to a good collaboration

Wester is also clear that the partnership with Gatebil means more than increased visibility at the Gatebil events, and at the same time looks forward to a good collaboration with Scandinavia’s largest car festival.

– At Gatebil, we always meet many of our members, which we value very highly. The good conversations strengthen the relationship between us and our users, and at the same time give us the opportunity to provide good customer service – face to face. For Safedrive, the collaboration with Gatebil means far more than presence and visibility. Gatebil is an important exponent of speeding within legal and safe limits. When you see all the skilled motorsport athletes unfolding with their vehicles, you gain an increased respect for the forces at work, and how quickly things happen when you drive at high speed. We believe this can have a preventive effect, and can contribute to creating good attitudes in traffic.

Good experiences with Safedrive

Lars Gjøran himself has good experience with Safedrive, and recently had an incident where Safedrive Pro was of great help.

– I am very satisfied with Safedrive. I’ve been using it for several years now and being alerted along the road about obstacles, checkpoints and speed cameras makes Safedrive a very useful tool. Not least, you are constantly reminded of your own speed and behavior in traffic.

– Even Last week, when I was driving home from work, I was notified of an obstacle along the road. A couple of hundred meters in front of me, it turned out that there was a tree across the road. It is very good to be notified about this in advance!

Special offer!

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