News from Rudskogen!

It is impossible to imagine Gatebil without Rudskogen racetrack where Gatebil was started in 1993. It is a racetrack that we all love so much and as many of our festival visitors noticed last season – there has been a lot of building going on around the racetrack and finally the doors have been opened to a whole new Rudskogen, that we have never seen before. Recently Gatebil crew went to check out the new buildings and start planning how the new setup will work with our own Festivals in 2024!

About Rudskogen racetrack

Rudskogen Motorsenter in Rakkestad was opened in 1990 and has been a very important arena for different events and one of them of course Gatebil Festivals. It consists of a motorcycle and car track of 3,254 meters, a go-kart track of 1,210 meter, an area for enduro, FMX, Childrens track, and a trail area.

The track route was designed by the German track architect Hermann Tilke and consists of 14 turns. The height difference is 42 meters and you drive clockwise on the track. Rudskogen is located in hilly terrain and the track is technically very demanding. The renewed track opened on 1 July 2011.


it has been 160 Millons Norwegian krones invested by Culture Ministry in this project and we can already see the finish line!

A main building of 1,800 square meters includes conference facilities, meeting rooms, offices, press room, jury room, race control, two large roof terraces and four new pit boxes. The latter can be turned into a large event room of 400 square metres.

In a building next to it, there is a restaurant with 120 seats, outdoor dining and a large kitchen that can deliver to several stations at the same time – or catering out of the facility. This building is around 700 square meters.

A third building, located just behind the fast chargers in the facility, includes toilets and showers.

A depot building is also being built for the go-kart track.

Gatebil at Rudskogen

Gatebil Festival brings thousands of people to Rudskogen and during our festivals a lot of things are being changed for example GoKart track becomes the greatest show car area of its kind with around 400 carscovering the whole track

The ractrack itself becomes the hottest point of Norway from early morning until the evening, when all our track driving and competitions take over for three days straight as well as the Gatebil car parade, which looks like a phenomen both from viewers and participants point of view

Previously our driverbriefings, pre-race briefings, techincal inspections and everything else has happened in one of the garages in Rudskogen. We now wonder how it will be this year and will we be accomodating the new meeting-rooms in the main building?

we are looking forward to finally be able to use all that asphalt for our race camp and stand area, but mainly to just get back to the track and meet our Gatebil family!

See you in Gatebil Festivals at Rudskogen!

Photos: Rudskogen Motorsenter, Gatebil Festivals 2023