Showgarden at Mantorp Park Sep 28 – Okt 1

Gatebil is not just about track driving. At all Gatebil festivals we also have a car show together with Meguiars and ARN racing – Gatebil Showgarden.

Gatebil Showgarden takes place from Friday to Sunday, where you have a chance to see many beautiful cars from all over Sweden, Norway and of course also from other countries as well!

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Saturday, 30th of September

08:00 Gatebil opens for participants
09:00 Gatebil Showgarden opens to the public
09:00 Online voting opens
13.30 Limbo at the Showgarden Area
17.30 Showgarden Parade on track
19:00 Gatebil Showgarden closes to the public
22.30 Prize Cermony at Gatebil Aftertrack

Sunday, October 1st

09:00 Gatebil Showgarden opens to the public
10:00 Online voting closes
12:00 Showgarden Award Ceremony
17:00 Gatebil Showgarden closes to the public

I want to show of my car!
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Do you have a show car that you would like to display at the Gatebil Festival? Then you can still be part of the exhibition and thus win great prizes!
To participate in the exhibition you need entrance tickets + a ticket for your car, these you can buy in advance here: BUY TICKETS HERE
Of course, it is also possible to buy entrance tickets at the arrival.
Upon arrival, our entrance staff will refer you to the exhibition area, where ARN racing staff will help you find a great spot to showcase your car. You will receive a Showgarden sticker to place on your windscreen and a paper page to fill out info about your car.

To participate in the Gatebil Showgarden, apply here: Vote (
When your application is approved, your application will be accepted on the website and a confirmation email will be sent to you.
Places are limited and cars not registrated beforehand might just simply not have any more space.

Do you have a show car that will be in one of the stands at Gatebil Race Festival?
– you can still take part in the exhibition and thus win great prizes. To participate in the Showgarden, we want you to register your car here: Vote (

Are you a larger company or a club? Inform us in the email ( about your name of the club and the number of cars and we will try to solve so that you can stand together.

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Categories where the top 3 is picked by visitors:

  1. Peoples Choice

Special categories where the one winner is picked by designated partner/jury in each cateogry:

  1. Arn Racing Award – picked by Arn Racing
  2. Meguiars Shine and Finish – picked by Meguiar’s
  3. Random Kid Award
  4. Gatebil Award – picked by Gatebil staff

Categories where the top 3 is picked by a designated jury:

  1. Made in EU
  2. Made in USA
  3. Made in Asia
  4. Retro – Made before 1999
  5. Stance
  6. Race car
  7. Best in Showgarden
  8. Best EPA
  9. Pop the Hood – Best engine compartment
  10. Swing the Doors – Best decor
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You will find all participants, their pictures and info about them HERE.

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On Saturday night, it’s time for a parade on the track. All show cars in Gatebil Showgarden are welcome to participate. The parade is held in front of full stands just before Gymkhana Show starts – a really cool experience for all of you who participate in the exhibition!

Activity – Limbo
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How about limbo?
On Saturday it is limbo for you and your show car – win the prize as Gatebil’s lowest. See schedule for time and place.
Limbo is open to all cars that participate in Gatebil Showgarden and no pre-registration is required, it is enough that you register on site.
Remember that no other means are allowed than the driver, as well as the passengers in the car.

Rule Book
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To showcase your car at Showgarden, you have to have an interesting car and a weekend ticket to the chosen Gatebil festival for you and your car. There are no extra tickets to Showgarden itself.
You are not sure if your car is special enough? Just take a chance and apply to participate and find out!


  1. Apply to Showgarden through this link:

    Add all necessary information:
    Title (mostly Car model)
    Event (pick which event you are attending)
    Owner(write your name and surname)
    Car model
    Info(Add some more info about your car. Details about buying it, building it, changing it)

    Thanks to(add info about everyone who has helped you to buy it/make it/ rebuild it)

    Add picture under “Featured image” so that your post would have a main picture
    Add additional photos in Gallery
  1. Your application is accepted when the registration is approved. You will also receive an approval email, make sure you have a ticket for you (festivalbiljett) and your car (bilpass).
  2. Meet up at Gatebil and ask our marshals for guidance to the designated territory.
  3. Get your Showgarden window card + Showgarden sticker for your car and place it on the front window of your car.
  4. Enjoy Gatebil Festival every day and join Award ceremony. Remember that to receive your prize, you have to attend the Gatebil Award Ceremony.


  1. There is no special place to camp for Showgarden participants other than designated festival camps that are the same for all Gatebil visitors. You can pick between Family camp and Party Camp.
  2. It is not allowed to camp next to your car.
Q & A
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Can I participate in voting by just arriving and parking my car in the Showgarden area?To participate in the voting, you have to be registered online:
Can I camp next to my car?No, you can pick one of the designated camping areas.
Do I have to participate on all days to be part of voting process?Yes, you have to participate from Friday to Sunday.
Can I receive my prize if I am not participating on the last day of the event?No, if you are not attending, you lose your prize, though information about your victory will still be published on and probably on Facebook.
Can I publish voting information on my socials to gain more votes?It is strictly forbidden to post information with voting link via your or your friends social media. If we will see your post or will be informed of such occurrence, you might be disqualified from the voting process with no notice given to you.
You are allowed to invite people to visit showgarden area via your socials and by scanning QR code to vote for your car.
Can I arrive each day and leave in the evening?Yes, that is allowed, but we don’t guarantee your place in the Showgarden area, if you have left for the night.
Can I take my car to the camping area every evening?Yes, that is allowed, but we don’t guarantee your place in the Showgarden area, if you have left for the night, and we don’t suggest that, as in party camp there are a lot of partying happening and no one can guarantee safety of your car from drunk people. 🙂
Can I advertise to the festival spectators my car and ask them to vote for it at the event?Yes, for sure!
Can I bring flags, posters, banners with me?Yes, all of that will look specially good on Showgarden Parade taking place on Friday!

More questions: email (