STACS TV coming to Rudskogen July

In 2023, we connected with STACS TV from Romania. Marius Dobrescu and his enthusiastic team were eager to experience the legendary Gatebil event firsthand, having only seen its wild energy online. After exchanging a few emails, we were thrilled to welcome them to the Gatebil Main Festival at Rudskogen in Norway.

Following the festival, we watched the incredible Gatebil videos they produced and were amazed by how they brought the event to life for their Romanian audience. This year, they’re returning, and we can’t wait to see what new adventures and creative projects they’ll embark on!

Here is a little interview with Daniel (host) :

Tell us who you are and what you work with.
– I’m just a simple man with 2 children, a facebook page (streetmaniacs), stacs tv, youtube channel, passionate about cars and motorsport with a paint shop service and a few personal cars.

How did you find out about Gatebil?
– I heard about Gatebil many years ago…when I was much younger and I was looking for all kinds of clips after I saw getaway in stockholm 2 and something related to the first bmw e34 m5 of 1000 horses from vs motor.

How many times have you been to Gatebil?
– have been to Gatebil hundreds of times on youtube and google maps, in the flesh only once 🙂

What made you travel all the way to visit Gatebil? 
– First of all, it seems to me that Gatebil is the coolest and most diverse event from the point of view of the cars present. I saw the strangest builds in the world, from Lada, to Caddy, Volvo, Polo, or Dhalback’s Golf…for “AMATEURS” at the highest level in the world

What was the most surprising thing at Gatebil?
– The most surprising thing for me were the people… the calmness with which they explain all the changes and the time they give you… the people are the best at Gatebil, from the organizers to the participants and visitors. Something I haven’t seen before

Did you make any friends/acquaintances at the festival?
– I can’t say that I made friends, but I filmed episodes with 2 cars for Stacs TV, with which I still keep in touch today, Frigstadmotorsport … the one with the impeccable Volvo gave me a tour of the circuit … something that seemed to me absolutely fantastic

What did you like the most?
– As I said, I liked the people the most, the diversity of the cars, the Getabil spirit, the vibe…the discipline of the pilots, the recovery mode of the cars….everything seemed fantastic…and don’t forget.. .the extreme race…where any person can compete with a car without the power limit….that’s something I don’t think exists anymore in the world

What did you not like?
I didn’t like that on the edges of the circuit from Mantorp there was no sand or gravel but dust…..and when a car left the scenery everything was filled with dust…maybe it’s something not necessarily related to the organization but to circuit.

What should Gatebil improve?
I think it would be good to invite more influencers from several countries so that they can explain in the language of their compatriots what is happening there…

What would you say to people who are still in doubts if it is worth it?
If they are from my country, I would tell them that just as I took them to Worthersee when it was a worthy event, they should come here as well, that it is something worthwhile… as long as the quality of the people remains the same and the rules are respected.

What is your daily driver?
Skoda Superb EV
Toyota Landcruiser 100 4.7 v8
and on weekends Nissan 200sx S14\a

Your ultimate dream car?
Nissan Skyline r32

How is the car culture in Romania?
There is a culture in Romania, of modified cars, of drifting, of racing…but we still argue about 3 cents…..we are still establishing our territories, we still need a lot of culture…in this sense.. .we barely have a circuit close to the capital, 40 km away, which has turned 10…but it’s hard…it’s hard with people who aren’t used to following rules.

Is drifting popular in Romania?
It depends on what we mean by popular. ..for example, if a trackday is organized on the circuit and you drift, you will be sanctioned…
If a championship drift stage is organized, unlike other branches of motorsport, I can say that it gathers the most visitors.