For Gatebil Season Finale at Mantorp Park 2023 You can arrange and purchase taxi tickets right on the spot at Gatebil Shop!

Gatebil’s three yellow BMW M5 taxis have transported thousands of visitors at the Gatebil festival around Vålerbanen, Mantorp Park and Rudskogen sideways since 2005. We are now building a taxi no. 4!


The first taxi was a BMW 3 series with M3 six and turbo. The following year we built a Volvo XC90 with tube frame and big-block V8. Both of these have now got new owners, and in the Taxi garage there are now 3 BMW M5 (E60)
The M5 V10 engine, which originally produces 507 horses, has been slightly up-tuned, and all cars are lighter by almost 300 kg. Otherwise, all taxis are specially rigged as racing cars, with a solid roll cage, 4 deep Sparco racing seats, fire extinguisher system and 4-point harness. Each car can carry 3 passengers. Price per person per lucky you 700,- NOK/SEK.
ATTENTION! There is no age limit to sit on, but you must be at least 150 cm tall to fit the seats and harnesses.

Taxi tours you usually can buy here (Tickets for the current day are issued at 8:00 am.),
if not, ask at Gatebil Taxi tent at the festival – that means that there are no online booking available and you have to arrange your trip at the spot.


Gatebil Taxis have their own garage / workshop in Horten, and a team that operates the cars are:

Bjørnar Iversen (teamsjef),
Hans R. Iversen,
Morten Haugen,
Per Sigurd Johnsen,
Frode Gunnerød,
Bent Gunnerød,
Trond Magne Sandvik,
Erik Løken
og Tore Siren.

TAXI drivers are:
Bjørnar Iversen,
Åge Flugre,
Anders Maaren,
Hans R. Iversen,
Morten Haugen,
Morten Saglien og
Frode Gunnerød.
In addition, we have had many guest drivers such as Henning Solberg, Andreas Mikkelsen and Stian Hafsengen.

For only 700,- NOK/SEK you can have an amazing ride around the track at all Gatebil festivals this season – Vålerbanen, Mantorp Park and Rudskogen. We drive 2 to 3 passes on a set of rear tires…


Nå er det mulig å kjøpe billetter til Gatebil Taxi på Tickster og være godt forberedt til Gatebil-helgen!