All press that need accreditation to Gatebil Festival need to accept the contents in this form to get approved. Press “Agree” to confirm in this registration form at The form has to be filled in correctly to be accepted.


1.1 All the contest in the form need to be accurate
1.2 Accreditation are valid only for the person registered in the form
1.3 Everyone that search for an accreditation as a photographer or filmer must have an insurance for press. Valid insurance-card must be showed to Gatebil at appearance.
1.4 As soon as material are published, all press need to send a link or information about articles, galleries, films etc. that are taken at Gatebil. Send to

2.1 Media vest can not be used by other than the person who has applied in this form
2.2 Only the person who has confirmed accreditation can have a media vest. All vests have a unique number related to the name of the registered press or media attendant.
2.3 The person who receives a media vest is responsible for the vest. The vest is to be picked up and returned at the secretariat for driver sign up. It can also be returned to the Gatebil-shop in the pit area.
2.4 The vest is always to be used around the track. People without vest will be removed from the track.
2.5 Only [Gatebil 2014 – official media vest] are to be used. Old Gatebil press vest will be confiscated.

3.1 Respect all signs and barriers and always follow the staff’s directions.
3.2 No press has anything to do outside barriers or at the track without a camera.
3.3 Always keep good distance from the track and where the cars drive and never turn your back against the cars. Follow the cars carefully and have great respect for the speed of the cars. Keep your senses at alert! Never place yourself at a distance that the car may hit you if it spins of. Make your own safe zone.
3.4 The track can only be crossed when it is none cars on the track. This is usually between two types of driving. See program.

If you break any of these rules you may lose your accreditation to Gatebil.

As a press at Gatebil Festival you are on own responsibility and risk. Gatebil are never to be charged for any damage or injury that comes from irresponsible movement or any break on this “terms and conditions” in this document.

Any questions:

Camilla Smistad Tofterå