Exciting Stands at Gatebil this weekend!

All four days Rudskogen Racetrack becomes a Gatebil city with it’s streets and shops and it’s own police – Protect! Here is a little info about some of the stands and cars you are going to see at the Main Festival 4-7 July, 2024!

RøhneSelmer is proud to present the very rare Ford GT supercar!

The Ford GT is produced in a very limited number, and has risen in price ever since the first cars were delivered. In other words, this is an opportunity to secure a car that you can both enjoy, and which many believe will be an investment object.

The origins of the Ford GT trace back to the 1960s and the prestigious 24-hour Le Mans race. For this race, Ford developed the GT40 model, which became dominant in the second half of the 60s.
50 years after this, today’s Ford GT was launched, and it is this very special car that we have here with us.

After launch, it was opened up to order the Ford GT and to have the opportunity to buy it you had to go through an application process at Ford. Many applied and only a few were accepted, including the former owner of the car we are presenting here.

You will find this car in Ford stand at Gatebil main depot!

Meguiars Stand

As always Meguiars are bringing the best products for your car in the market and taking care of prettiest cars! Swing by to find out the best options for you and your car!
Some special things they are bringing to their stand:

  • Beinseth Porsche roadster
  • Pink Porsche RWB 3.6 liter naturally aspirated engine with approximately 300 hp, 40 cm wide
  • Toyota GT86
  • Nissan 370z
  • GT 350 blå fra Bilfabrikken

Rymax Lubricants – An international lubricants brand from the Netherlands!

Rymax specializes in automotive and industrial lubricants, committed to being a top supplier of high-quality products. Their dedication has driven their successful representation and substantial growth in over 55 countries worldwide. There is always a lot to learn and they are the best in the market!
You will also see a very special car wrapped in Rymax: Nissan S14 with the famous 2JZ engine, fitted with the impressive Rocket Bunny Boss kit


our main partner Safedrive is joining for all festivals, and July is no exception. Swing by and find out more how to stay safe on the roads!

Hurtigruta Carglass

Stand where you can find out everything about your carglass – how clean it, how to protect it and what to do when something bad happens to it.

Drop by!

Gundersen Motorsports

as always the best sportswear and gear for you and your car. Need a racing suit or helmet? They have it all!


are celebrating their first season as partners and they for sure know how to jump on board with a bang. Remember amazing Gatebil Drift Battles at Vålerbanen in the beginning of the season? YES! It is them who took on to get all drivers on the same tire and make competition more fair. They are joining us this weekend too!

Want to experience all this? Join us for the festival. Read more information HERE