It was a great and quite hectic Super 3 Qualification Thursday, 7.07.22. We saw 29 teams giving it all. Our long time winners – TEAM TOYOTA went out on the track, but unfortunately did not qualified for the finals. And a new team named RYMAX took the first place in Qualification.

But who we will see in the finals?
Here comes the top 12:

1Team Rymax85
2Team Datsun78
3Team Gutta Backer76
4Team Sørby Utleie73
5Team Buldre71
6Team Fullfinans70
7Team Europa70
8Team Scandinacian Coctail69
9Team Dad and the Wankers68
10Team Brick Squad66
11Team SvartStrip63
12Team All in61
to see full list of points for the teams: click here