Mantorp Park 2024 RECAP

FRIDAY, 14.06.24.

Track Driving – we had a lot of cars joining to all the different heats to try out their cars on the track. It is always so much adrenaline pumping in each driver that tries it out for the very first time!
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Showgarden area started to fill up with beautiful cars from all over Scandinavia, whilst ARN Racing team were setting up everything and managing cars and people!
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Extreme Time Attack – it was so exciting to seethe nix of Gatebil Extreme cars hitting the asphalt and working on the lap times – read more on the article and see pictures:
Kai Roger Bakken 1:17:767 – winner of TimeAttack

Meet&Greet with Luke Woodham and Gatebil Pitgirls – it gave us a chance to finally look at Luke Woodham himself and hear what he thinks about Gatebil and it’s drivers! So nice to see Monster Energy star on our Festival!

Stuntshow in Showgarden Area done by one and only Elliot Gröndahl had to be cancelled because of the heavy showers.

Nordkampen brought us to the ultimate brotherhood fight – who is better? Who is the best? After the anthems where sang with tears in everyones eyes, the sow was on! Drivers were really pushing it and doing what they can! Hometeam had a great support from the audience, and they were not allowed to dissapoint – It ended with Sweden taking the victory!

Aftertrack was mad. Really mad. DJ Johnny D boosted up the crowd and then gave the stage to the prize giving ceremony – announcement of the winner team – SWEDEN! The crowd went mad. After that we had LOOKET and BEK & MOBERG keeping everyone entertained until it was time to switch off the sound…. What a crazy good party it was!

SATURDAY, 15.06.24.


On Saturday we continued with the main thing at Gatebil – a lot of hours on track. Fast cars, drift cars, expensive cars, cheap cars – you name it, we had it! This is the whole ground of Gatebil. It is amazing to see all of them getting out and trying to figure it all out.

Showgarden was a bit different this year, We had only pre-approved cars, which made the exhibition very special and we were happy with the outcome, same as the car-owners themselves!

Pitgirls and Monster Athletes Meet&Greet – Festival area as allways on Saturdays gets quite crowded, and in the middle of it all we were met by both Luke Woodham and Dmitriy Illyuk who were chilling at the Gatebil Shop stage and were ready to take some good photos with anyone!

Showgarden Limbo – gathered quite a crowd around. It was fun to find out who is the lowest of them all! Arn Racing as always keeps this show extra good!

Extreme Race #3 in Mantorp Park made us all really feel for the fast driving and in this race we saw someone new joining the podium: Gatebil Extreme Race #3 brings changes to the top3 drivers!

Stuntshows were a great success as usual. We are always impressed by Elliot Gröndahl and his team, and they never dissapoint, instead they pull in the audience and make them be a part of the show!

When it was time for Showgarden Parade, it started to rain, but that has never stopped any parade from happening, it only gave a new glance to the beautiful cars covered in thousands of raindrops…

As we were closing in Gymkhana Show, we were met by heavy showers, which meant that the start of the drag strip (where we do Gymkhana Show) became more slippery than ice. Even though it hurt so much, organisers decided to call off the competition, to protect the drivers and their cars.
With that being said – no one cancelled the show and most of the drift cars planning to participate in the competitions took time to get some burnouts and donuts done for the audience! What a show it was!

Aftertrack did not cared about the rainy weather. After a long track day we MUST PARTY!
Stage was taken over by Det Där Bandet, Kuselofte and DJ Johnny of course! All the most important people, including pitgirls were there to make this night full of great memories!

SUNDAY, 16.06.24.

Breisladd Qualification early in the morning gathered great amount of cars – from 132 cars who had applied, 68 managed to get up in the morning and try their luck!

Finally it was time for Showgaren Award Ceremony, and were happy to see that so many participants came to cheer for the winners!

Breisladd finale made us cheer and sweat.
Top 3:
1. Andreas Øvergaard
2. Hans Hartvikøy
3. Viktor Andersson
Find the full Breisladd finals result list and photos here

Breisladd Award Ceremony – it is difficult to describe the great emotions we see when the drivers hit the podium adter winning a competition. Cheers for Andreas Øvergaard!
Find the full Breisladd finals result list and photos here

Extreme Race #4 was a though one and we had even more cars than the previous day, with a newcomer – Ferrari 488 driven by Roger Törnbo also on the starting line.

Extreme Race #4 Award Ceremony gathered all the sweaty and happy drivers for a cheer to the podium.
Gatebil Extreme king of the race #4 – Kai Roger Bakken
As it was the last competition of the Festival, we could see people being happy-tired and ready to rest to be fully charged again for the next festival!