Oslo Motorshow 2022

It is time for the yearly – Oslo Motorshow – Norway’s rawest and most content-rich show for everyone who likes vehicles and Gatebil, as usually will be there to showcase ourselves!

Friday: 10:00-19:00
Saturday: 10:00-19:00
Sunday: 10:00-17:00

About Oslo Motorshow
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Oslo Motor Show is THE meeting place for all motor enthusiasts.

When the public comes to the Oslo Motor Show (OMS) 28 – 30 October, they will have an experience like no other. The best and most popular elements from previous OMSs have been carried over. At the same time, Nova Spektrum has got a lot of new and exciting things in place.

Hard to believe!
This year it’s absolutely raw! We have so many goodies that it’s almost unbelievable, says the fair manager, Tommy Larssen, with a sly smile. Although he reveals a lot about this year’s OMS edition, he still keeps some trump cards close to his chest until the opening in October.

– We have more exhibition objects and greater variety than ever before, claims the exhibition general. Last year’s event turned out another great success with more than 40.000 people visiting the show. We are proud to say that the show is the largest of its kind in Norway.

The success continues, and we would like to welcome you to Oslo Motor Show during the last weekend of October. FABAS is our partner in filling thousands of square meters with the most spectacular and cool selection of cars, custom bikes and trucks in Scandinavia. Items from last year have been replaced and new objects compete for prices in every class.

Our visitors are enthusiasts who are happy to spend both time and money on their treasured vehicles. Last year a great number of suppliers, styling- and specialist shops were represented.

Whether you are a seasoned exhibitor or looking to exhibit for the first time – please contact us for information in relation to the opportunities at Oslo Motor Show.

What are we going to see?
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The hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie is coming.

If Aston Martin had chosen to sell you one of the produced Valkyries they are going to produce, and you put just over NOK 33 million on the counter, you would not have just gotten a wild beast of a hybrid sports car from the garage. You would have received good opportunities for several dots in your driving license with the purchase.

Arne Fredly has lent his Valkyrie to the Oslo Motor Show this year. It is the first time the car has been shown to a wide audience in Norway, and it is one of the around 40-50 examples that have been sold so far.

When Arne airs his Valkyrie, a full 1,100 horsepower contributes to the drive. They are scared off by a 6.5 liter engine block with 12 V-shaped cylinders. 0-100 km/h is done in just over 2.5 seconds! The rev counter only turns red at 11,000 revolutions. Rumors suggest that the speedometer does not say “night” until after 350 km/h.

And not only that – AMR Pro is also coming

In addition to his own street-registered Valkyrie, Arne Fredly has probably also got hold of one of the 20-25 racing Valkyries that have been produced to date, and is taking it to the Oslo Motor Show. We believe it is the first time that a street version and a racing version of the Aston Martin Valkyrie have been shown side by side.

The racing version produces up to 1,300 horsepower and has a calculated top speed of over 400 km/h. That is around 40-50 km/h faster than a Formula 1 car.

Cars do not become rarer

BMW 2800 GTS coupé The lady is not only rare. It is unique. There is only one, and you can see it at the Oslo Motor Show this year. The legendary Italian designer Pietro Frua exhibited this masterpiece for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1969. He built the car on the frame from the BMW E9 2800 CS, but externally the car was redesigned into a tough fastback coupe.

The wife hoped BMW would start mass producing it, but it didn’t work out that way. The car was sold on the private market and changed hands many times. During the years up to 2000, the engine was replaced, the body repainted and a sunroof installed. It was then bought back by BMW and restored to original condition.

F1 car for the first time at OMS

We are particularly pleased that this year we will be getting a BMW/Williams Formula 1 car with a furious V10 engine into the halls. We think this is exciting and interesting for all F1 enthusiasts who have joined in recent years, says Tommy Larssen.

More new cars than before

Nova Spektrum’s own audience surveys show that visitors have always wanted more new cars in the halls. They get that this year. At OMS this year, there are 10 importers exhibiting new cars. Both passenger cars and goods/cargo at the Oslo Motor Show. The organizer expects that this will tempt new audience groups.

Among other things, the electric car brand Fisker has chosen the Oslo Motor Show as the venue for the Norwegian premiere of the Fisker Ocean, just days before the car goes into series production. And Chinese Polestar is exhibiting its upcoming convertible Polestar 6. It is a European premiere.

In addition, new cars from manufacturers such as Xpeng, Voyah, Nissan, MG, Mercedes, Lotus, Hongqi, Alfa Romeo, Jeep and NIO will appear. At OMS, visitors can familiarize themselves with many new cars.

The new cars are in addition to, not instead of, the exhibition objects that have made OMS a success.

Nordmann broke speed records in the USA

Around 100 years ago, Norwegian-born Sigurd Haugdahl was one of the most successful “dirt track” drivers in the USA. He was often referred to as The Flying Norwegian. “Sig” Haugdahl broke a number of land speed records, topping it at Daytona Beach in 1922, with a reported speed of 290 km/h.

The car he had the greatest success with, the self-built “Wisconsin Special”, is coming to the Oslo Motor Show this year. It is built with a six-cylinder aircraft engine of 13.7 litres, and is an important contribution to Norwegian motorsport history.

Tight between the supercars this year

There is hardly any place in the Nordics where there is a shorter distance between Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris than at Lillestrøm on the last weekend in October. Such cars are very popular with the visitors. At OMS there are plenty of them.

Enthusiasts will still get their share

The special vehicles for motor enthusiasts will continue to dominate with us. Around 1,000 vehicles roll in the direction of Lillestrøm at the end of October. In total, there are approx. 60 clubs and associations that have contributed goodies from members’ collections.

Everyone who is interested in StreetCars, MC/Bikes, utility vehicles/Trucks, classic cars, motorsport, AmCars and vintage vehicles should, as usual, get what their heart desires. In terms of quality, we are at least on par with all previous editions, Larssen asserts.

The Oslo Motor Show has set audience records almost every time since 2010. But they never rest on their laurels. Will always be better.

This year’s exhibition is 42,000 square meters, about 2,700 square meters more than in 2021.

Racing in the backyard!
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Racing in the backyard!

As usual, there will be racing on the specially made race track in the backyard. Here, those who love scorched rubber and growling engine sounds get their fix. A demanding, clear and relatively short track guarantees crowd-friendly and uncompromising matches. Here you get closer to Norway’s best racers than at any other racing arena in the country!

Arrival to Oslo Motorshow
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NOVA Spektrum is centrally located in Lillestrøm, a short distance from Oslo S and Oslo Airport Gardermoen. It is walking distance from Lillestrøm station, you can calculate approx. 10 minutes to walk.

NOVA Spectrum
Messeveien 8
2004 Lillestrøm


As usually we are going to join Oslo Motorshow with a big stand and a lot to see. Announcement of the dates for Gatebil season 2023 are coming on Friday, 28th of October!


will be open for all the days during the OMS – best prices are guaranteed. It is your chance to finally get that Gatebil T-shirt you have always wanted!


In addition to our own Taxi, you will get to see some very special cars:
1. Toyota AE86
2. Escort Cosworth GPA
3. DRIFT: 2JZ powered Toyota GR Supra
4. EXTREME: Surprise!


This is your chance to get to see Gatebil Taxi, meet it’s driver, ask all the questions you might have, take a picture and even get inside of the car!

Meet Gatebil Pitgirl Santa at our stand!

This is your chance to meet and greet Santa, get an autograph and take a picture with her!

Read more about PITGIRLS.


Brian James Trailers

As the previous year Brian James Trailers and Tilhenger Nor will be right next to our stand!

They will have:
Team Lillegul from the Børning films
The Olsenbanden car 1967 Galaxy
newest and largest car trailer: Brian James Race Transporter 6

You will find them at stand C01-01!

Hurtigruta Carglass

They will have:
– Visit their booth to play Shuffleboard!
– They sell quality wipers from Bosch for NOK. 399,-
– Showcasing windscreen repair
– Handing out giveaways!

You will find them at stand C0105


They will have:
– car care school
– chevrolet
– a lot of amazing products for your car!

You will find them at stand D02-10