Gatebil Pitgirls

For this season we have had newcomers from Latvia – our very beautiful and nice Gatebil Pitgirls Santa, Sintija and Linda Anete. Santa and Sintija joined for the first event at Vålerbanen Racetrack in May, where they showed up and stole our hearts with their sparkly spirits and love for our festival. They gave start to our drivers giving a lot of energy and attention to each driver driving past. That is where the love began. Both sides.

For the next festival Santa and Sintija joined at Mantorp Park in Sweden in June. There they got to experience a lot of driving, taxi tour and quite cold Nordic weather, but they were holding strong and dancing like godesses, even when the rain came in the time of Aftertrack. Public adored them, and they gave in.

As for each season – the main festival is the pilar of the sommer. The highlight and Rudskogen July showed to them what Gatebil really is, and we are sure, they enjoyed every second in the pitlane, on the track and specially the aftertrack and thousands of people who came to cheer for them and to see the concerts!

For the next event in Rudskogen – Rudskogen Race Festival it will be a Santa and a new girl – Linda Anete joining to keep the Gatebil spirit and cheer up the drivers on the start of their races. Let’s find out more about them!


Hhow did you get into dancing?
– I went to my first dance class when I was 3 years old, thanks to my two older sisters who were already in dancing. Since then I had a long career in Ballroom dancing and afterwards I switched to Show dances.

What dancing means to you?
– For me dancing is a way of expression. It also helps to clear my head and, not to mention, it’s one of the best ways to keep up my physical health.

Do you have a car? what car do you have?
– I don’t own a car, but I do own a pretty cool bicycle. 😎

Your dream car:
– It’s definitely a G-Wagon.

Your impressions about Gatebil
– It’s probably the friendliest place on earth.

What do you like most at Gatebil
– It’s hard to choose one! The whole crew has a place in my heart. A favourite duty of mine is to give the start signal to the drivers, because every single time I do that, a “drone” of good luck goes with them when they cross the Start line.

Favourite driver
– Hans Frisak

Extreme or Drift?
– Although my favourite driver is from Extreme, I prefer Drift because of the smoke 💨

When you first arrived at Gatebil you were surprised that..
– .. that this is a place where you can collect memories for a lifetime! 🔥


How did you get into dancing?
– My mom took me to my first dance class when I was 3 or 4 and she didn’t ask me if I wanted to or not. I have been dancing since that day. I was a cheerleader for a couple of seasons and afterwards I joined a show dance studio where I proceed dancing and teaching young kids as well.

What dancing means to you?
– For me dancing is a lifestyle. It keeps the body in shape, helps to clear my head and allow to express myself without words. Also I don’t know what my life would be like without dancing because I’ve been doing it my whole life.

What are your impressions about Gatebil?
– since this will be my first time at Gatebil i believe it will be an unforgettable event where i will meet a bunch of cool people, get extreme feelings and have memories for a lifetime.

Do you have a car? what car do you have?
– Yes, I have a car. A sexy black BMW. 🖤

Your dream car?
– White BMW M4 or red lambo. 😏

Favourite driver?
– Nik Nak Drift! 🔥

Extreme or drift?
– Both are equally good.