Aftertrack Mantorp Park

At all Gatebil festivals there is an ‘Aftertrack’ on Friday and Saturday evenings. Big party with live concerts, DJs and other entertainment. Anyone over 18 with a festival ticket has access to Aftertrack.

Mantorp Park Aftertrack stands out with having a huge stage and crazy hyped atmosphere where you get to enjoy the artist and the music together with your friends in a big Gatebil crowd! If you are one of those who like big parties – this is the place to be!

22:00DJ Johnny D opens the Aftertrack
22:20Prize Cermony
23:20Gatebil Pitgirls Show
23:50BEK & Moberg
00:30DJ Johnny D
01:00Aftertrack closes
22:00DJ Johnny D opens the Aftertraack
22:45Prize Cermony
23:15Det Där Bandet
00:45DJ Johnny D
01:15Aftertrack closes



Experience the magic of the new star in the music sky – Looket! In just two years, Looket has conquered the tops with streams, chart placements and much more. But that is only the beginning! Prepare yourself for a musical journey where Looket will offer an overwhelming show full of energy.

BEK & Moberg

BEK & Moberg are one of Norway’s and Sweden’s most popular duos, with around 300 million streams and around 950,000 unique listeners every month. The duo has delivered super hits such as “Min Villa”, “Fakkboi”, “Mad Mickey”, “Party Central”, “Evig Ung” and more. With an impressive stage show, high tempo, stage-diving and sing-alongs, BEK & Moberg are an obvious duo for Gatebil!

Det där Bandet

DDB makes a return at Gatebil Summer festival after 2023’s big audience success! DDB is the cover band that always gives 100% and they really do! Good music and a very entertaining evening are promised here!


Kuselofte, the Norwegian duo consisting of Terje Kristensen and Emil Hals, stepped onto the music scene with their first song in December 2017. In just four years, they have an impressive 224 million streams on Spotify and have gained increased popularity in Scandinavia and Europe. With super hits like “Dominanten 2018,” ” Om Sverige vinner VM” “Alla Dansar,” and “Folkfest,” they have established themselves as one of Norway’s most in-demand artists.

DJ Johnny D

2023 was the first year for DJ Johnny D at Gatebil and we fell in love with his work. He knows how to create a good atmosphere and DJ Johnny D will be the host of our Aftertrack and make us feel the good Gatebil vibe in this season too!

Gatebil Pit Girls

They are perfect both on the track at the day time, and on the stage in the night. These girls really carry a true Gatebil spirit.