Powerslide has for many been the weekend’s biggest highlight since the first competition in 2001.


As always, everyone that drives at Gatebil this weekend can participate in the competition. Both those who have street cars and those who drive drifting / track cars. Amateurs and professionals. 2 and 4-wheel drive. All in the same class.


The rules are simple and eventually familiar to most people. What matters is to drive the widest, fastest, have full control and make as many shows as possible.

It is a little different what the judges emphasize for the three tracks (Vålerbanen, Mantorp Park and Rudskogen). Below you see a description of what is important to get a lot of points at Rudskogen:


In qualifying, everyone runs a run. The top 20 advance to the finals. How many people get to run the final depends on how many participants there are for each competition.


In the final, everyone gets a run. The top 6 go on, and the top 3 of these again run the actual super final.


Partner for Breisladd is Biltema.