In 2022 we took a chance to create a completely new drifting competition with 11 (!) drivers in one team! How it is possible?
This is a competition where Norwegian drift drivers are united in a team against united team of Swedish drift drivers.

Competition is quite classical drifting battles, only this time each driver isn’t competing only for himself, but for his country, which we see afterwards in the results!

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We are preparing for the next Nordkampen at Mantorp Summer Festival!

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Winner of Nordkampen 2023: SWEDEN

Team Sweden: Mårten Stånberg, Pontus Hartman, Andreas Lilja, Philip Ågren, Joakim Andersson, Kevin Brunberg, David Skogsby, Jim Olofsson, Tony Averstedt, Alfred Grindberg, Johan Anderssson.
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Winner of Gymkhana 2023: SWEDEN

Team Sweden: Johan Andersson, Tony Averstedt, Kevin Brunberg, Andreas Staberg, Philip Ågren, Alfred Grindberg, Martin Frejd, Patrik Freij Algar, Viktor Wettemark, Andreas Johansson.