Gatebil Pitgirls

In the recent years the term pitgirl for some people has become quite a sensitive topic, creating harsh discussions all over the media and behind the curtains. For us – we have a very good view on how Pitgirs have evolved and who they have become in the recent years. Gatebil is one of the events that keeps this tradition in a very modern way. We have our own professional Pitgirls that are always there to cheer up the drivers and spectators as well as promote the festival and the car culture.

What does pitgirl actually mean and what do they do in Gatebil?

Pit-girls, Grid-girls, Paddock-girls or Umbrella-girls are well-known terms in car and motorsport contexts. Beautiful, fit, cool and cheerful girls who advertise for a team, car brand or for sponsors. Famous names such as Ferrari, Porsche, Monster Energy, Redbull, Pepsi, Pirelli, etc. all have their own pit girls. And of course also Gatebil has had them for years, though their “job” has slightly changed over the years. Nowadays you will see them everywhere starting from early mornings giving start signals to competitions, continuing throughout the whole day being present at all important happenings, visiting showgarden, giving out trophies, and also in the evenings on the Gatebil Aftertrack stage – dancing and cheering up the crowd.

Gatebil is very proud of having such car-enthusiast speed lovers as the current pirgirls that come all the way from Latvia each year for all Gatebil festivals already since 2022!

Gatebil pitgirls in 2024
Gatebil pitgirls in 2022

There is no competition – there is our own designated Gatebil Pitgirls, that you can find mostly around Shop area and Taxis.