This is a new competition where the participants use a part of a race track (previously determinated) to give the public a demonstration of car control.
Here is an example of The Big Entry Show entry done by Fredric Aasbø from the route in question in Vålerbanen race track:

12-15 drivers compete in showing their best single run entry. It is competed with the elimination method: 12-15 participants in the preliminary round, then 8 in the semi-finals, and 4 in the final.

The participants are selected based on what is shown on Gatebil drift lines on Friday and previous merits in drifting. The competition is open to cars with both rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. There are no requirements for tires or regulations beyond Gatebil’s safety regulations for track driving, and it is desirable to have a large variety in the type of cars and participants – everything from pure street cars with simple modifications to thoroughbred drifting cars. Everyone can win here if you have steel control on the tool you got! Show us what you can do on Friday – and join the big highlight on Saturday!

– Impact
– angle
– speed
The judges want as aggressive and fast driving as possible, rather than a lot of angles and “burnout” over the entire course. Think of the run as a “knit that charges”: You tighten the knit as much as you can, and release all the energy in the entry to the chicane.

Unlike in normal drifting, here we are not so careful about whether you don’t follow a certain route or line – we would rather have an entertaining run that makes the audience cheer!

The Big Entry Show in Vålerbanen