Aftertrack Season Finale Festival

At all Gatebil festivals, there is Aftertrack on Saturday evening. Here everyone gathers for a big party with live concerts, DJs and other entertainment. At the Aftertrack Season Finale Festival in Mantorp Park we are going to see some artists, that we already got to know in Gatebil Mantorp Summer Festival. Who is it going to be?


22.00DJ Jonny D
22.30Prize Cermony
23.00Det Där Bandet
00.00DJ Jonny D
01.00Aftertrack closes


DJ Johnny D

DJ Johnny D knows how to create a good atmosphere with the audience. After a great success at Gatebil Mantorp Summer festival, we know for sure – he is our man. He will be the host of our Aftertrack and make us feel the good Gatebil vibe again!

Det Där Bandet

Det Där Bandet makes a comeback at Gatebil! After a real success, it’s time for Det Där Bandet to once again occupy Gatebil’s Aftertrack stage. Those of you who were there last time Det Där Bandet visited Gatebil know that they deliver a really good atmosphere!


Our beloved Pitgirls from Latvia no only making everyone turn all around the pits, but also making everyone dance at Aftertrack! Be sure – they are going to hit some tunes!