AIR show at Gatebil

This weekend we will have the opportunity to see an amazing performance by a plane called T-6 Harvard and the show will be done by Norwegian pilot Anders Håkensen. We will have the chance to see these performances:
– Loop
– Half -cuban
– Barell roll
– loop 
– Roll
Have you ever imagined how it is to be in such a plane and feel the forces on your body? It is quite impressive to manage such a plane!

AIRSHOW will take place on Saturday at 16:00

The plane: T-6 Harvard

The aircraft is easily recognizable for its very characteristic rasping sound, due to the tip of the propeller blades exceeding the speed of sound.

a T-6 Harvard, the same type as many Norwegian pilots would have gained their wings during basic training over in Canada during World War Two. Harvards also went on to serve as training aircraft in Norway for a period after the war, mainly at the flight school at Gardermoen. Later in 1955 advanced flight training was moved to Canada and the type was then phased out by the Air Force. More than 15,000 T-6’s of all variants were produced and was still in use with the South African Air Force as recently as 1995. The type gained the nickname the pilot maker for its flying characteristics which made it an excellent trainer and even today has become an important training aircraft for those new warbird pilots who want to move on to more powerful fighters like the Spitfire and Mustang. The Harvard is a historical aircraft in its own right and are still very much in demand today with many warbird operators having an example in their collections.