Espen Rohde

Biggest achievements on the field?

– 2nd place in Norges Cup Semi Pro – Best Jr. driver of the year award
– NMK champion
– 2nd place Norges Cup( 2,3,3 in the competition rounds) – NMK Champion
– Best Jr.driver of the year award
– Jr. Driver of the year Norwegian Drift Championship
– Norwegian Champion Pro 2 Drift Champion
– Norges Cup Semi Pro Champion
– 3rd place in Gatebil’s Super3 competition (first time competing in this style of competition)

Experience from other types of motor sports?
– Motocross
– Go Karts

Other sporting achievements?
Early Achievements in Motocross/Enduro (2017-2020)
Secured a spot on the Norwegian National team which he represented in the Cupe de L’Avenir in Belgium at the age of just 13. Espen Rhode Pitch Deck 2024 V2
– 1st place in Østlandscup MX twice. – 1st place in NM Enduro.
– Dominated NM MX 11-12 years with 1st, 2nd
– Secured 1st place in the Enduro 103-year race
– Conquered the MX 11-15 Sprint Challenge with a 1st place finish.
– Achieved 2nd place in the Gultvedt Grand Prix.
– 2019:
– Earned a spot in the Norwegian junior national team. – Clinched the title of Norgesmester NM-Lag MX.
– Secured 2nd place in the Norwegian cup Enduro.
– Took 1st place in the AGM cup MX.
– Represented Norway in the Cupe de L’Avenir in
Belgium. 2020:
– Explored international stages with participation in Jr. VM MX Italy and Jr. EM Belgium as part of Team Norway Jr.

Interests beyond motorsport?
– Motocross
– Jetski
– Go karts
– Streetbikes

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