For Sale: Unique 800 HP Audi 80 Quattro!

Now you have the chance to become the owner of a truly unique Audi, rigged and ready for execution on the GATEBIL-festivals or other track days around the World this summer.

The car is originally a 1983 model Audi 80 Quattro, which was built in the period 2000 to 2003, with Ur Quattro bodywork, and rigged as a race car to run on track days and in the Gatebil Extreme Racing cup.

The car has been little used, and is just as nice and shiny today as 10 years ago, but with a lot of new upgrades, like completely new engine in 2014. This is a racingcar with finish like a real showcar.

Asking price NOK kr. 389,000,- (around 48.000 EUR)

Contact Reidar Mjelde. Phone: (+47) 930 50 030, or


2.5L I5 20VT from Transporter T4, 034 Motorsports Engine mounts, Hansen Motorsport custom rods, fully ported headers by EBB Flowtech, Hansen Motorsport header T4/Tial , Hansen Motorsport Precision 62/65 Turbo, Precision WG, Tial 50mm blow off valve, custom full 3.5? exhaust system, free flow or single muffler ( v-band ), Hansen Motorsport exhaust/intake cams, compression dropping head gasket, Turboxs boost controller, Hansen Motorsport light weight hydraulic lifters, Custom cam cover, ARP head and main bearing studs, 034 Motorsports EFI Stage II C fully sequential set-up,Aan pulley,VAG 60-2 trigger sensor, Custom wiring harness, 034 Motorsports injectors, 034 Motorsports high output coils, custom length plug wires, Innovate LC-1 wideband, Audi 1.8T inlet temp sensor, 034 Motorsports billet fuel rail, Aeromotive Eliminator fuel pump, Aeromotive 100 micron fuel filter, FuelAB high performance fuel pressure regulator, JAZ 10 gallon fuel cell, custom fuel cell bracket, custom battery bracket, custom wiring (mostly hidden inside chassis), custom intercooler, custom breather system, custom radiator, custom fan for radiator, custom oil cooler, custom fan for oil cooler, custom modified RS2 inlet manifold, custom intercooler plumbing, custom servo pump bracket, custom front engine mount, custom coolant rail, custom oil dipstick

Sachs Racing clutch, Leanders Bros/Hansen Motorsport aluminum flywheel, custom transmission brackets to move transmission back 3?, 034 Motorsports Transmission mounts, stock Audi V8 CMG transmission, 034 Motorsports differential mounts, 034 Motorsports rear diff mount, Audi stock Audi S2 coupe rear diff, stock Audi RS2 driveshafts, stock Audi 80 Quattro rear driveshafts, 01E short shift, custom driveshaft, shortened 3?, custom shift linkage to accommodate moved transmission, custom carbon fiber exhaust shield for transmission, custom transmission oil cooler set-up

Custom front cross member, Audi Motorsport Group B uprights front and rear, Audi Motorsport Group B rear subframe with toe in/out parallel geometry, Audi Motorsport Group B front and rear control arms with bracing, Audi Motorsport Group B full spherical/heim joint chassis, Audi Motorsport Group B short steering rack, 1.8 turns lock to lock, Audi Motorsport Group B steering arms with spherical joints, Audi Motorsport Group B spindles with wheels studs, custom yellow polyurethane bushings for inner steering arms, Audi Rs brakes 8 pot 380 MM Front, custom brake brackets for Audi RS2 rear calipers, custom brake bells and discs front, custom brake booster from Audi V8, custom brake line system with bias control, Audi Motorsport Group B rear brake discs and bells

Custom painted OZ Rally 8J x 18? ET35 (Ford Transit White), Michelin 225/40-18


Full Audi Motorsport group B chassis spec, cut out inner fenders in engine bay, custom brace bars for front cross member, custom brace bar for suspension, top and lower, custom suspension towers raised 2? (lowering car and keeping travel), custom subframe to lower engine 2?, custom engine mount position to move engine rearwards 3?, custom exhaust system tunnel through firewall and under the car on passenger side, custom 16-point roll cage, custom double floor to protect from heat, custom Audi A3 dashboard with center console, custom RS2 instruments in A3 dashboard, custom modified Audi A3 steering column, custom modified Audi RS2 pedal box, custom hydraulic handbrake, OMP WRC composite seats x 2, OMP 6 point 4? seatbelts x 12, OMP steering wheel.


Audi UR Quattro flared fenders modified, custom doors, Audi UR Quattro custom front bumper, Audi UR Quattro custom rear bumper, Audi 80 Quattro custom hood, Audi 90 Quattro trundled and rear panels, Audi UR Quattro side skirts, Audi V8 taillights modified, custom headlights, custom grills

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