Formula Basic Race in Rudskogen Race Festival

People who are visiting Gatebil have noticed, that there is a new discipline in some of the festivals this season. It is called Formula Basic.

What is Formula Basic?

Formula Basic is a formula car class where the main objective is to create a class that gives participants the opportunity to drive a proper racing car at the lowest possible cost level. The class is completely transparent and the cars must be available for visual observation in the depot area at all times.

The starting point for the class is cars built by Van Diemen called Formula First. The car is built up of a rigid tubular frame chassis with the engine and transmission from the Ford Escort/Fiesta located transversely at the back of the car. The engine is untrimmed with the exception of what is mentioned in point 9. The only changes that are permitted are the installation of dry sump lubrication and an extension of the intake manifold with a plate that is mounted between the intake and carburettor (on the carburettor side).
This is necessary due to the changed angle of inclination of the engine.

Gearbox must be standard from Ford Fiesta/Escort and available in several versions with both 4 and 5 gears.

In order to keep the cars as similar as possible, all the cars must be sold through the supplier, who will equip the cars with their own Norwegian chassis numbers. In addition to what appears in these regulations, it is not permitted to make changes to the cars. Disputes that may arise due to technical differences on the delivered cars shall be settled by the Racing Section of the Norwegian Motor Sports Association.

Formula Basic Race in Rudskogen Race Festival

On Gatebil Rudskogen Race festival we had Formula Basic race on Saturday, September 3, and these were the results:

PosNo.NameTotal TmBest Tm
13Olav  Vaa13:14.9271:38.404
244Andreas  Vaa13:15.4251:38.341
3162Matihias Teigen13:20.3821:39.013
48Birk August Larsen13:23.1061:38.629
59Halvor Vaa13:52.0521:41.696
635Sigbjørn Mæhlum13:52.3541:42.564
717Sverre Kahrs14:09.3621:43.316
82Jonny Bitestäl14:27.0851:44.735
DNF27Martin Memo1:51.0691:49.358