Gatebil 2024

Season 2024 is going to be spectacular. We are going to have 5 festivals in the well-known Gatebil style! Jump in for the ride of your life!

DATES in 2024:
Mantorp Park Summer Festival 13 – 16 June
Rudskogen Main Festival 4 – 7 July
Rudskogen Race Festival 30 August – 1 September
Mantorp Park Season Finale 27 – 29 September

As usually we start with

Season Start at Vålerbanen racetrack in Norway:
24 – 26 May

This is the Festival which is the favorite for many drivers, as they have been waiting all winter and a lot of them have done some upgrades on their cars. Maybe someone has even built a new car that none of us have seen before? This is the event to try out the cars and show each other and the public what they have! This is also the first race for the Extreme Race, Time Attack and Gatebil Scandinavian Drift Series with a strong line-up in these competition series. We will have a lot of track time, Breisladd, Exhibition at the Show Garden, many taxi rides, we will have camping and last but definitely not least – party at AFTERTRACK!
Buckle up and let’s go for a ride!

Summer Festival in Mantorp Park in Sweden:
13 – 16 June

“The Game is on” Gatebil is ready for Mantorp Park. Drivers from all over Scandinavia are ready to show off impressive cars and skilled driving. Many have already had both their cars and skills tested at Vålerbanen and are now ready to give it all at Mantorp Park racetrack!
At Mantorp everything is ready for the second race for Extreme Race and Time Attack with a strong line-up in these competition series.
There will be a lot of Track Driving, Breisladd (Powerslide), Nordkampen, Gymkhana Show, Exhibition at the ShowGarden, many taxi rides. In the evening there is camping and a party at AFTERTRACK in the so familiar Gatebil style.

Summer festival 2024 will be something we have never seen before!

Main Festival at Rudskogen Motorcenter in Norway
4 – 7 July

GATEBIL at Rudskogen Motorpark in July is one of the world’s most famous track-day festivals. Every year, the festival is visited by over 40,000 car-lovers, drivers, spectators and a lot of media personell from all over the world. This is the highlight of the year for many people. This exact festival hits the summer at its peak and has been most loved Gatebil festival by public hitting the highest purchased ticket rates ever and the program is made to fit everyone having even the slightest interest in the car, adrenaline junkies, precision drivers, petrol-heads, car-show dudes, enthusiasts, party-goers and so much more. You will find people from all ages, places and different world views, but when they are here – they are family.

Race Festival at Rudskogen Motorcenter in Norway
30 August – 1 September

The year’s action-packed Race Festival at Rudskogen Motorsenter! As always, this weekend will be packed with fierce driving, exciting competitions and action from morning to night. You will have the opportunity to see some of Scandinavia’s best drivers in racing and drifting give it their all on the track. Event shifts focus mainly on competitons happening on the track.

Season Finale in Mantorp Park in Sweden:
27 – 29 September

This festival marks the end of a season for Northern Europe’s largest car festival Gatebil. On the schedule at this festival we have pretty much the same action as usual – a lot of track driving, Extreme Race, Extreme TimeAttack, Breisladd (Powerslide) and so much more! This is a fast track, with an incredible straight which gives drivers the opportunity to really hit the acceleration pedal! Difference from the rest of the festivals is the feeling of summarising the season. Everyone gets a bit nostalgic, as the next meet and the next season will only be in the next year – more than six months later. If you want to sense the feeling of belonging – this is the festival for you. Temperatures get a bit colder at night, but track time only gets hotter!