At all Gatebil festivals there is an ‘Aftertrack’ on Friday and Saturday evenings. Big party with live concerts, DJs and other entertainment. Anyone over 18 with a festival ticket has access to Aftertrack.

Who are we going to see this year on Gatebil Aftertrack stages throughout all the five festivals? Here is a bit more info of what you can expect to see

HOTSHOT’S is a cover band that knows how a really good night should last. Here we have a duo from Gothenburg who can deliver everything between heaven and earth. Expect harmonica, guitar and really good vocals.
HOTSHOT’S are going to Gatebil Mantorp, Sweden, June 15-18

Raggarligan has taken Sweden by storm and in 1 year has gone from 0 to
20 million streams! With hits such as “Fucked up” trending with
Over 1,000 new videos a month on Tiktok and week after week
is on the top list over Sweden’s most streamed band they have now
after great demand started gigging! Raggarligan takes over Gatebil’s legendary Aftertrack stage on Saturday 17 June.
Raggarligan is going to Gatebil Mantorp, Sweden, June 15-18

Det Där Bandet
Det Där Bandet makes a comeback at Gatebil! After a real success, it’s time for Det Där Bandet to once again occupy Gatebil’s Aftertrack stage. Those of you who were there last time Det Där Bandet visited Gatebil know that they deliver a really good atmosphere!
Det Där Bandet are going to Gatebil Mantorp, Sweden, June 15-18

DJ Johnny D
DJ Johnny D knows how to create a good atmosphere with the audience – that’s why DJ Johnny D will be on site both Friday and Saturday night!
Here we have a DJ who always delivers. DJ Johnny D will play between acts both on Friday and Saturday evening, and end the evening with a proper party. In addition, Johnny sets the mood during the Gymkhana Show!
DJ Johnny D is going to Gatebil Mantorp, Sweden, June 15-18


Is there still anyone who does not know our own artist Hagle? In 2022 they came out with a song called Gatebil, that took over EVERYTHING. They are one of the most popular bands in Norway right now and we are thrilled to present them to you.
Hagle are going to Gatebil Rudskogen, Norway, July 7-9

Den BB

The artist who hardly needs any further introduction! Since they started in 2015, they have released hit after hit and with over 170 million streams, they have firmly established as one of Norway’s biggest party artists.
Den BB are going to Gatebil Vålerbanen, Norway, May 19-21.
Den BB are going to Gatebil Rudskogen, Norway, July 7-9

In recent years, a new artist has entered the throne – Soppgirobygget has become one of the country’s biggest artists.
Their song “Domen 2019” flew to the top of the Norway Top 50 on Spotify, and was streamed 70,000 times DAILY. During 2019, this has become one of the country’s most sought-after artists.
Soppgirobygget are going to Gatebil Rudskogen, Norway, July 7-9

Kevin Lauren

er en norsk rapper og låtskriver. Han ble kjent etter å ha deltatt på den 7. sesongen av Paradise Hotel. Kommer han til å gi oss music paradise? Det for vi se ganske snart!
Kevin Lauren is going to Gatebil Rudskogen, Norway, July 7-9

norwegian house mafia

norwegian house mafia are going to Gatebil Rudskogen, Norway, July 7-9

Hjorterud Allé

“Hey, nobody does it like us”
The duo in Hjorterud Allé didn’t even take a year to get to the top of the charts, nor some of the country’s biggest festivals. It is clear that the Norwegian people like 90s, rave-inspired tunes and, to put it mildly, catchy melodies, because the fan base is constantly expanding.
The catchy “Skavlan” with Henric Edström, “Hjorterud Allé” and “Helikopter” are some of their most played songs with a total of over 5 million plays. Until now, they are up to 250,000 monthly listeners – in 150 different countries. Do we see an international Norwegian music career in the future? In any case, it is blindingly bright.

Hjorterud Allé are going to Gatebil Rudskogen, Norway, July 7-9

Stjørna Heimbrentslag

From making internal songs for themselves to playing for thousands of enthusiastic Trondheimers, this group of friends has experienced more than they could have asked for.
With hits such as “Panzerfylla” “Apparatet” and “Rødsprit I Karsken” the guys take the band to “place” and “venue name” for an evening full of booze!

Stjørna Heimbrentslag are going to Gatebil Vålerbanen, Norway, May 19-21.

Fröken Snusk och Rasmus Gozzi
Rasmus Gozzi on Tour together with Fröken Snusk is coming to Gatebil Summer Festival at Mantorp Park! On Friday evening, June 16, you will find Ms. Snusk and Rasmus Gozzi at Gatebil’s legendary Aftertrack.
It is a really good atmosphere when Miss Snusk and Ramus Gozzi takes the stage. Make sure to be there, because you would not want to miss this. Expect a really crazy performance and a great show!

Fröken Snusk och Rasmus Gozzi are going to Gatebil Mantorp, Sweden, June 15-18

Gatebil Pit Girls

Last year they proved us to be perfect both on the track at the day time, and on the stage in the night. These girls really carry a true Gatebil spirit.

They will be joining all our festivals.

DJ Kuhne

He needs no introduction. He delivers as always at Gatebil and keeps up the spirit in all of our festivals.