Gatebil Extreme Final Results

The final for Gatebil Extreme Rudskogen 2017 has finished, and just to test the drivers it was run in the wet.
The track had plenty of rain before the race so this had plenty of the teams switching to different tires.

Trond Garberg in his stunning Lamborghini Galardo GT managed to beat the bad conditions and grabbed first place and 120 points. The battle for second was a heated match between Robin Jonasson in the Porche 918 RSR and Kai Roger Bakken in yesterdays qualifying winning Lotus Espirit Replica.

Robin Jonasson just got there in the end only beating Kai by just less than a second!

Make sure to join us for the next round of Gatebil Extreme on the 8-10th of September here at Rudskogen!

1. Trond Garberg, Lamborghini Galardo GT

2.Robin Jonasson, Porche 918 RSR

3. Kai Roger Bakken, Lotus Espirit Replica

Results: See the final results and times here