Gatebil Extreme in 2024

In 2024, Gatebil Extreme will be run as a full series of races at all 5 Gatebil festivals of the year. Who will take victory this season and which drivers are going to showcase best results, we don’t know yet, but we do know, that following the drivers, their achievements and results during the whole season is going to exciting!

Gatebil Extreme is Gatebil’s own Time Attack and Racing series, where everything from home-built budget cars to fully professional former factory cars participate. The series follows the FIA’s safety requirements, but otherwise you are almost free to do what you want with the car, and several have engines of over an incredible 1000 horses. Gatebil Extreme was started in 2005, and since then over 200 cars/drivers have participated.

In Time Attack, the best lap time applies. Here, the course is open for 45 minutes, where participants can choose to drive just 1 round, or 18 as the maximum allowed. Everyone can drive in the pit lane or depot at any time to change tires and adjust the car, and out on the track again to try to drive even faster. It is 5 race in the series, 1 at each festival. The times from the Extreme Time Attack provide the starting line-up for the Extreme Race.

Extreme Race is a racing series with a joint start and first to the finish line. How many laps – varies from the track competition is held on – Vålerbanen, Mantorp park or Rudskogen. It is 10 race in the series, 2 at each festival.

Anyone with a licensed race car is basically welcome to participate. For registration or questions – contact

Kristiana Magreca
Tel: (+47) 40052742

Technical rules and competition rules are sent to participants before each festival.

More information about Gatebil Extreme and previous years

Gatebil Extreme Partner for 2024: Brian James Trailers / Tilhenger Nor