Gatebil Powerslide Final 2017

The final event here at Gatebil and just like in previous years it did not let down the crowd who came to see action and plenty of tire smoke!

We started with the top 20 from qualifying, and then after one run each narrowed it down to the best six.

Odd Helge Helstad, Kenneth Moen ,Petter Eriksen ,Rasmus Møller, Fredrik Øksnevad, Øyvind Bogen all battled it out to get to the top three showdown.

Odd Helge Helstad, Kenneth Moen and Petter Eriksen made it to the top three in a close match and only 3 points dividing them all!

The top three was all we could of wished for with each driver making a consistent and smooth run and really putting pressure on the judges. But in the end it was Odd Helge Helstad who came out on top with a 95 point score and an amazing almost perfect run with big smoke and even more angle!

Kenneth Moen got second place with a respective 92.33 points and close behind was Petter Eriksen in third with 91.33 points.

We congratulate  Odd Helge Helstad with his win and all the success with the car!

A big thank you to all the drivers who competed in the Gatebil Powerslide competition

1. Odd Helge Helstad
2. Kenneth Moen
3. Petter Eriksen