Gatebil Powerslide Qualifications 2017

The action does not stop here at Gatebil, with today being the Qualifications for the Powerslide competition.
This is a crowd favourite event with each car linking the last corners of the Rudskogen track, then linking into a large right hand corner and holding a slide for as long as they can with as much style and angle as possible.

In 2017 we had so many entrants that we only had time for half the competitors today and the rest had to run at 10am this morning.

Qualifications are now completed and this is the top 20 that will compete in the final:

1. Kenneth Moen
2. Odd Helge Helstad
3. Robin Alsaker
4. Øyvind Bogen
5. Sultan Alqassini
6. Fredrik Myhre
7. Ørjan Nilsen
8. Kenneth Alm
9. Joachim Waagard
10. Fredrik Øksnevad
11. Tor Anders Ringnes
12. Rasmus Møller
13. Ragnar Cederberg
14. Dimitris Illyuk
15. Fredrik Sjødin
16. Petter Eriksen
17. Helge Ougland
19. Emil Bogen
20. Alvin Lægreid

The final will still be held at the scheduled time today of 14:15

Link: See the current point standings here