Gatebil Rudskogen drone videos

Everyone who attended Gatebil festivals must have seen at least some of the little bees up in the sky, and we have to admit, we had quite a few amazing drone and FPV pilots. Some of them are just starting and some have already proved themselves in the field, but when we had not expected, that they will be united in some what car-loving community with a completely different perspective. Now you have the chance to see some of what they see:

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Giandenver Gatpo
Håkon melby
Håkon Prangerød
Jakob Nørholm Bilstrup
Luke Wilson
Marius Bache Wold
Mateusz Matejko
Morten Berg
Pontus Magnusson with a spotter Nina Seiser
Sigmund Nilsen
Thomas Husevik
Linus Johnsson
Gizmo Johnsen
Märt Lauks
Samuel Kolsmyr
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Airborn Dynamics
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Pilot: Pontus Wasp Magnusson
Spotter: Nina Seiser
company: Airborne
find them: Facebook Instagram Homepage Youtube

If you are interested in any of the footage, contact them directly!