Gatebil Time Attack results Rudskogen

Once again the Gatebil Extreme has returned to one of the best tracks in Europe. Rudskogen is a long and challenging track and this qualifying round provided plenty of excitement.

Gatebil Extreme is a thrilling event with a huge variety of cars and always provides close racing.
The qualifications for 2017 were no different with less than a second between first and second place.

Kai Roger Bakken qualified first with a 1:23.996 which is a new personal best! Congratulations!

Make sure to come out tomorrow for what will be the biggest day of Gatebil and race 1 of Gatebil Extreme from 13:45!!

1. Kai Roger Bakken, Lotus Espirit Replica
Best time 1:23.996

2. Robin Jonasson, Porche 918 RSR
Best time 1:24.590

3. Yves Meyer, Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3
Best time 1:25.560

4. Raimond Larsen, BMW 316 E36
Best time 1:26.232

5. Trond Garberg, Lamborghini Galardo GT
Best time 1:27.127

RESULT: See all the qualification results here