Welcome to Gatebil at Rudskogen 6-9 July 2017!

This years Gatebil at Rudskogen Motorpark 6-9th of July is our 100th Gatebil-festival since the start back in 1993! No doubt about it: This will be celebrated for four whole days starting Thursday morning, and ending Sunday afternoon. So get ready for the best Gatebil-festival ever!

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Every year more than 40.000 boys and girls of all ages, from all over the world, visit Rudskogen Motorpark in Norway to experience the Gatebil-Festival in July. Some come to drive, while others are there simply to enjoy all the entertainment and excitement. You can buy tickets online (but not until the end of March 2017) or at the entrance upon your arrival.

We will kick things off with Super 3 and end it with a big boom in the form of the «Breisladd VM»! Have no fear – as always, there will be a whole lot of «freedriving» or «open-for-all» time on the track for those who wants to take their car to the track for drifting or to hone their skills. Be ready for a starting-grid with more than 30.000 horsepower between them in Gatebil Extreme, a huge car-exhibition located at the big Go-Kart track, loads of sales booths, and the Monster Energy Aftertrack-show Friday and Saturday evenings – where «Pit-Girls 2017» will be crowned. New for 2017 is «Gatebil GT & Sportscar Sunday» which is when you are able to witness – or bring your own new, old, fast or slow Grand Tourer or sportscar to the track!
The Gatebil-Festival at Rudskogen is open for the public, and you can visit us for just one day, or perhaps you would like to stay for a while at the camp-area which is open from 09.00 AM Thursday the 6th of July.

HD video Gatebil @ Rudskogen July 2016.

HD video Gatebil @ Rudskogen July 2015.

Gatebil is really all about the experience of driving on a racetrack, and during the three whole days availible at the festival, hundreds of cars are driving thousands of laps around the 3,2 kilometer Rudskogen Motorpark – one of Northern Europes best and most modern racetracks. The Freedriving or «Open For All» if you like, is divided into two groups. One for those who wants to drift and one for those who likes to chase laptimes. There is no need to register up front, but there is definately a need for a valid driverslicense. You may participate with both registered and un-registered cars. More information will follow.


Last year we premiered «Gatebil Super 3», a collaboration between Gatebil and Monster Energy. «Super 3» is a drift-contest where there’s three cars drifting as a team, at the same time. The key is to work together to execute the best, tightest runs possible as opposed to «normal drifting» where the drivers are trying to make things as hard as possible for each other. Practice and qualifying is held Thursday, while the finals with the top 12 teams are held Friday evening. «Gatebil Super 3» was a huge success in 2016, so things are shaping up to be just as exciting in 2017!


The winners of the first ever «Gatebil Super 3» was «Team Toyota» during the competition held at Rudskogen 2016. 34 teams participated, with drivers from eight diffrent countries. Sign up your team by contacting us at: bw@gatebil.no


The exhibition-area is found at the big Go-Kart track behind the old depot. This area will fit over 600 cars. All in all, there are 60 trophies/prizes to be won in numerous classes. European cars, Japanese cars, American cars, Sportscars, Retro, Best shine, cooles wheels and so on. You area ble to park your car at this area the entire weekend, or choose to only exhibit your car Saturday, which is the main exhibition/Show day. There is also the opportunity to bring your car during «Gatebil GT & Sportscar Sunday» – a new concept held Sunday. Theres no need for registration up front for any of these events above, but in case of questions – contact Bjørn Wahlberg at: bw@gatebil.no. We will crown the winners of all the classes at the Go-Kart track Saturday at 17:00 and Sunday at 15:00.


The exhibition is held at the big Go-Kart track by the old depot. There is no need for registration up front, just come join us! We don’t expect every car to be a immaculate prizewinner, just bring your beloved car and show it off!

One of many new elements for 2017’s Gatebil, is the «Gatebil GT & Sportscar Sunday» – this is where you bring your GT or Sportscar to show it off. «Gatebil GT & Sportscar Sunday» will be held at every Gatebil Festival both in Norway as well as Sweden. Though the main thought behind this is to try to gather as many GT’s and sportscars as possible, there will also be prizes to win here. Awards will be presented to 10 chosen cars with productiondates pre 1990 – and the same for 10 cars dated 1991 and up.


GT and sportscars aren’t just Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari. It might just as well be a Ford Cortina, newer BMW M4 or Audi RS, or perhaps a wicked 60’s Camaro, Mustang or Corvette. Bring your GT/Sportscar to Rudskogen the 9th of July. PS! You are welcome to join us Friday and Saturday as well! Mail for inquiries: bw@gatebil.no

All in all there are 6 locations for camping at Gatebil Rudskogen 2017. One of which is a «familycamp» suited for the entire family including smaller children. Those who are attending the trackdriving stays in closer proximity to the track, while those attending just to watch will be staying at the campsite just a quick 6-8 minutes walk from the track-area. This year Gatebil guarantee to have alot more toilets ready than previous years, and showering-facilities with hot water that lasts for the whole 24 hours a day. All camps opens at Thursday the 6th of July at 09:00.


The place to be after the trackdriving is done Friday and Saturday evening, is at the Monster Energy Aftertrack. As ususal, this is where the party is – full blast with live concerts, DJ’s, Show, Gatebil Pit-Girls and more! The big Aftertrack-stage is located between the the main camp-area, and the track. The Aftertrack is open for all with a festivalticket. PS! Age-limit 18 years.


During the Monster Energy Aftertrack, the Gatebil Pit-Girl 2017 will be crowned. 15 fit, natural, sweet and sexy girls from Norway and Sweden will compete in the somewhat informal, but still traditionally important crowning-ceremony. Are you up for it – or is there someone you’d like to see competing? Send an email with some pictures and information to: web@gatebil.no.


Gatebil Extreme Gatebils very own racing-cup containing the «baddest» line-up in Scandinavia! Gatebil Extreme features everything from homebuilt custom track-cars, to factory-built racecars, all battling it out in the same class. There is almost no limit as to what you are allowed to do to your car in Gatebil Extreme, and there are cars running more than 1000 hp at these races!


«TimeAttack» is held Friday, where the goal is to set the best laptime possible, and Saturday is the first Extreme-race of the weekend. That means all cars leave the startline at the same time, and they all try to cross the finishline first. One of the new aspects of Gatebil Extreme in 2017, is that there is an additional race held Sunday. In the past Sunday-racing was just a «Show-race» which had no counting points for the series to win. Therefore the amount of races is now 9 thorughout the series, and not 5 like before. Rudskogen in July, is races 5 and 6.

Who will have the most angle, the most speed, be the biggest smoke-machine, and shave the clippingpoints the closest? The «Breisladd» competition is tradition at Gatebil Rudskogen, and has been a popular event for more than 15 years. For 6 consecutive years, this event has been «upgraded» to a World Championship. 100 invited drivers battle it out during qualification Saturday, and the finals are held with the 20 best on the following Sunday.


The first year of this beeing a World Championship, Mike «Mad Mike» Whidett from New Zealand won, while Fredric Aasbø won in 2013. 2014 saw Taavi Toomra beat the competition, 2015 was Robin Alsakers year, and 2016 the title belonged to Petter Eriksen – which also won the Norwegian Championship at Gatebil in September. Daniel Sævik (pictures) got fifth. All in all there were drivers from 12 countries participating.

In addition to the World Championship «Breisladd» and «Super 3», there will also be loads of «freedriving». This will feature many of the best drivers in the world, such as Fredric Aasbø (World Champion and Formula Drift Champion). Drifting PRO is not a competition, just a time to show off at a level you won’t see anywhere else. Close twindrifting at speeds of 200 km/t is something else…!


Gatebil has three Taxi’s taking the audience for joyrides around the track all weekend. The cars are BMW M5 V10’s upgraded to about 550 hp, and stripped to weigh in at about 200 kilograms less than standard. Rigged with full rollcages, Sparco racingseats and 4-point harness, the Taxi’s will fit three passengers each.


The price for a ride in the Taxi is 600 Nkr per person. There is no age limit, but you have to be at least 150 cm tall. This is for safety – to fit seats and seatbelts properly. You sign up for a ride at the big yellow Gatebil-tent at the main-depot.

Attending Gatebil is loads of fun, no matter if you are a car-enthusiast or just like cars in general. Every day is filled with entertainment on the track, at the exhibition and in the depot. You can attend for just one day, or get a festival-pass and bring your mobilehome, caravan, tent or bus and stay for the weekend. There is a good amount of parkingspots near the track-area.


If you decide to visit for just one day, the ticket is 250 Nkr if you pre-order online – you may pre-order at any time up until you are physically standing in the entrance at Rudskogen. You can also buy tickets at the entrance – however, the prices will then be 300 Nkr for a day. Children under the age of 12 acompanied by adults are not charged with any entrance-fee. All tickets with the exception of trackdriving, can be bought online as well at the entrance. The ticketsale with start at the end of March.

At Gatebil’s summerfestival, there are numerous oportunities to show the masses what your company/business is about. You can rent stands of all sizes, put ads in the program-flyers which all visitors is handed, sponsor winners of diffrent events etc.


The biggest and best hotel in close proximity of Rudskogen, is Quality Hotel og Badeland by E6 in Sarpsborg, about 15-20 minutes from the track. Booking by phone: +47 69 10 15 00. For more information, visit: www.superland.no or www.hotels.com

Rudskogen Motorsenter is located off the highway 111 between Sarpsborg and Rakkestad. From Oslo city it’s about 1 hour by car, and from Göteborg, it’s about 2,5 hours by car.

HD video Gatebil @ Rudskogen July 2016.

HD video Gatebil @ Rudskogen July 2015.

HD video Gatebil @ Rudskogen July 2014.

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