Kai Roger Bakken takes victory in a race full of action.

Race started on a wet track and it took consequences with two cars going in piruettes in the long straight and one ending up outside the track. Crash started from, spinning out in the start and after the crash there was no other way than stopping the race with the red flag, and taking Vidar Tømmerås car off the racetrack. A lot of action in a very short time!

After the crew had cleaned the track and made it safe again race was restarted successfully. Poll position were quite stable during the whole race and victory was taken by Kai Roger Bakken (Lotus Esprit Replica), Second place – Andreas Vaa (Porsche 997 RSR) and third place by guest driver Mads Siljehaug (KTM GT2). All three drivers showcased very compelling and stable driving during the whole race.

Spectators had the chance to enjoy a spectacular fight between P4, P5, P6, P7, where Torger Johansen (Chevrolet Camaro) was in a fierce battle with Hans Frisak (Porsche 991 Cup) throughout the race, and we could only imagine the emotions that these two friends were experiencing on the racetrack, where Hans Frisak did not gave Torger Johansen (Chevrolet Camaro) any chance to relax. Battle ended with Torger Johansen taking 4th and Hans Frisak taking 5th position in the race.

Similar situation, but even harder fight was between Hans Jørgen Andersson (Porsche 997 Cup) and Pål Richard Eidsvold (Porsche 935), who were giving all of us butterflies having so tight gap between the cars in the corners, that we had to hold the breath and hope that they will come out whole. Even though Pål Richard managed to hold Hans Jørgen Andersson behind til the finish line, because of a his own mistake by driving outside the track limits, Pål Richard Eidsvold received 5 seconds penalty, which resulted in him loosing sixth position to Hans Jørgen Andersson.

During the race there were six cars, that did not finished, and three cars received penalties for driving off the race limits.

PlaceNameCarCar#Total TmBest TmPoints
1Kai Roger BakkenLotus Esprit Replica5111:24.901:24.6120
2Andreas VaaPorsche 997 RSR9011:28.501:24.8106
3Mads SiljehaugKTM GT22411:29.801:24.40
4Torger JohansenChevrolet Camaro1411:58.001:27.896
5Hans FrisakPorsche 991 Cup6512:05.101:28.188
6Hans Jørgen AnderssonPorsche 997 Cup7612:06.401:29.582
7Pål Richard EidsvoldPorsche 93521012:10.401:29.476
8Kjetil TeigenAudi Quattro A22612:38.401:33.370
9Kenneth AxemarkChevrolet Monte Carlo3112:39.201:32.266
10Vidar JødahlBMW M3 E309413:00.401:36.262
11Ronny TeigenPorsche 996 Cup16211:27.301:35.058
12Christian JørgensenBMW E46 M316611:34.301:36.456
13Anna Sand SkjærbekkBMW E36 M3411:49.101:38.754
14Robert SlettenBMW E3614212:28.101:39.752
DNFJarko AnderssonBMW M5 E343410:04.401:35.840
DNFMarcus Insane ÖstlidChevrolet Corvette C6 GT21010:23.901:37.138
DNFKjell FrykåsFord Anglia4104:42.001:29.636
DNFKjetil FinneProsport 30007001:44.001:40.534
DNFLars Christian StugaardBMW M34502:25.732
DNFRaimond NornesBMW M3 E36 Flossmann11330
DNSVidar TømmeråsAudi TT990