Mads Siljehaug wins Race 5

With a lead from Friday´s Time Attack Mads Siljehaug (KTM) dominated the Race today at Rudskogen. Almost 25 seconds ahead of 2nd place Kai Roger Bakken (Lotus) even with a 5 seconds penalty for track limits. We congratulate the professional race driver that are showing us impressing and super fast driving at Gatebil Festival together with the rest of the drivers.

We are looking forward to Race #6 Sunday at 14:00!

PosNo.NameTotal TmPointsBest Tm
124Mads Siljehaug11:25.43801:22.687
251Kai Roger Bakken11:55.1251201:27.558
390Andreas Vaa12:03.3121061:28.667
441Kjell Frykås12:17.744961:30.492
56Sverre Johan Lundal12:19.277881:29.294
632Bjørn Bones12:19.947821:29.281
726Kjetil Teigen12:25.179761:31.608
8138Arve Handeland12:47.077701:33.009
945Lars Christian Stugaard12:54.767661:34.206
10142Robert Sletten11:24.930621:32.492
1154Anders Hagstrøm11:31.187581:32.675
1234Jarko Andersson11:32.534561:36.122
1380Trond Sverre Hagen11:36.969541:35.745
14162Ronny Teigen11:39.377521:35.981
15110Morten Haugen11:41.240501:36.465
DNF94Vidar Jødahl8:16.845481:33.388
DNF76Hans Jørgen Andersson4:41.616461:31.874
DNF31Kenneth Axemark5:41.073441:34.410
DNF21Pål Rickard Eidsvold1.47542 
  DNS99Vidar Tømmerås   0