Mads Siljehaug won Race #6

On Sunday (09.07.23.) afternoon we had Gatebil Extreme Race #6, with 17 cars starting the race, and only 12 finishing. First position was taken by Mads Siljehaug, who dominated Gatebil Extreme the whole racing weekend. In second position we had Kai Roger Bakken, who was pushed down from his comfortable winner chair. In third place at this race finished Sverre Johan Lundal with total time 10:35.447, and right after him – Andreas Vaa, with total time 10:35,725! What a fight between these two giants! Fifth position – Bjørn Bones and sixth Kjetil Teigen.

124Mads Siljehaug10:02.47401:23.083
251Kai Roger Bakken10:24.5161201:27.042
36Sverre Johan Lundal10:35.4471061:29.195
490Andreas Vaa10:35.725961:28.660
532Bjørn Bones10:42.012881:30.064
626Kjetil Teigen10:59.987821:32.829
7142Robert Sletten11:00.308761:30.068
845Inge Hansesæter11:11.045701:32.439
954Anders Hagstrøm11:16.182661:34.674
1034Jarko Andersson11:18.751621:35.638
1180Trond Sverre Hagen11:19.680581:34.681
DNF94Vidar Jødahl7:56.169461:33.929
DNF138Arve Handeland7:08.672441:35.693
DNF21Pål Rickard Eidsvold4:40.21742
DNF31Kenneth Axemark4.46540
DNF162Ronny Teigen
DQ76Hans Jørgen Andersson11:05.13101:30.173