Aftertrack Vålerbanen

At all Gatebil festivals there is an ‘Aftertrack’ on Friday and Saturday evenings. Big party with live concerts, DJs and other entertainment. Anyone over 18 with a festival ticket has access to Aftertrack.

Vålerbanen Aftertrack stands out with having a very private-like atmosphere where you get to be very close to the artist as if they would be playing in your living room. If you are one of those who like to be closer to the stage or you need more space for shaking out all the dance moves – Aftertracks at Vålerbanen is the right place to go!

Gatebil House DJ
Gatebil Pit Girls
Prize giving ceremony DRAG RACE
Gatebil House DJ
Gatebil Pit Girls
Prize giving ceremony EXTREME
(TimeAttack, Race #1), GDB, The big Entry Show, Showgarden)



With big hits and an insane presence in social media, Kevin Lauren has become one of Norway’s biggest rap phenomen in a short time. Very few Norwegian artists have such a strong and committed following, and you can see the effect of that at the shows. Time and time again concerts are full and Kevin delivers a fresh show that sets the audience on fire.

Jone og Daskeladden

The young artist JONE specializes in sing-along-friendly and catchy music, and has recently taken big steps towards the pop star dream. With singles such as “Eventyr”, “Jag gillar dig” and “Livet på bøgda”, he has achieved good streaming numbers on Spotify. The Lier boy is often compared to artists such as Halva Priset, Staysman, Hagle and Ringnes Ronny, all artists of whom he himself is a big fan. JONE nevertheless definitely has a unique character, and appears as a breath of fresh air in a music genre that currently dominates hard in Norway. The music is most often produced by JONE himself and Daskeladden, and over the melodious production we find JONE’s clear and modern pop vocals in the centre.

Gatebil House DJ

As we started in 2023, we are keeping this beautiful concept – a DJ from our own crowd. It is always a surprise that we hope will add to our Aftertrack playlist. Who do you think it is going to be in 2024 and who would you like to see at our Aftertrack?

Gatebil Pit Girls

They are perfect both on the track at the day time, and on the stage in the night. These girls really carry a true Gatebil spirit.

Gatebil Aftertrack at Vålerbanen 2023
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