Gatebil Scandinavian Drift Series Presented by Meguiar’s aim to be the greatest drift series in Nordics with the best drivers from countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, among others. We aim to create a professional series where the drivers fight on track and keep a good fellowship off the track.

The goal is to become the largest drifting series in the Nordics and the drivers from all over the world are welcome to participate in the series. We want to create a series where the drivers fight on the track and help each other off the track. Gatebil Swedish Drift Series considers the atmosphere among the teams a crucial part for a good series.

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The greatest news is that 3 out of four 4 rounds will happen under Gatebil Festivals, which means high event attendance by spectators, brands, sponsors, partners and also greater exposure for drivers, their own teams and sponsors.

Gatebil Scandinavian Series Presented by Meguiar’s

Season 2023 will mark a change for Gatebil Festivals, as the new Scandinavian Drift Series replaces Gatebil Drift Series and Swedish Drift Series, and becomes more prestigious by gathering not only drivers from one country but combining drivers from all over Scandinavia in one drift series. Also, expect some exciting wildcards from other regions of the world.

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2Mikkel KrausDenmarkMotorsportsforeningen21BMWM52b28tu650Mikkel Kraus (@mikkelkraus02) | Instagram
3Ole Morten DavangerNorwayNMK Bergen33Toyota GT862JZ1050Ole Morten Davanger (@davangerdrifting) | Instagram
4Tony AverstedtSwedenMK Scandia35Toyota Supra2JZ850Tony Averstedt (@tonyaverstedt) | Instagram
5Elias LäggebergerSwedenHultsfred MK23Volvo 760M60b40600Elias Läggeberger (@laggeberger) | Instagram
6Olav Haugen HasdalNorwayLillesand Motorsport35Mercedes Benz A-ClassBMW V8900HasdalRacing (@hasdalracing) | Instagram
7Christoffer SyvertsenNorwayLillesand Motorsport23BMW E462JZ622Syvertsen Drifting (@syvertsendrifting) | Instagram
8Kevin BrunbergSwedenHultsfred MK29Volvo 745Volvo T6800brunberg (@brunbergdrifting) | Instagram
9Øyvind BogenNorwayNMK Solør30Nissan Silvia S152JZ 3.0L900Øyvind Bogen (@oyvind_bogen) | Instagram
10Joachim HaugenesNorwayNMK Tvedestrand26Toyota GT86-X2JZ 3.4L1104Joachim Haugenes (@joachimhaugenes) | Instagram
13Steffen TveiteNorwaySogn MK33Volvo 740Volvo T5800sᴛᴇғғᴇɴ ᴛᴠᴇɪᴛᴇ (@tveite_motorsport) | Instagram
14Kenneth Djønne NornesNorwaySogn MK44BMW M22JZ1075Kenneth Nornes (@nornesn) | Instagram
15Sebastian EngblomFinlandFPDA35Toyota GT86M50b31850Sebastian Engblom (@aph_racing_drift_team) | Instagram
16Anders HaySwedenMK Scandia31BMW E90 M3M50700Hay Drifting (@haydrifting) | Instagram
17Henrik JohanssonSwedenSHRA Jönköping38Toyota GT86LS21000Team Stripes (@teamstripesdrifting) | Instagram
18Alexander BoströmSwedenKatrineholms MK26Nissan S13M50560Boström Motorsport (@alexanderbostrom) | Instagram
20Sondre ByeNorwayNMK Solør27Nissan 200sx2JZ1100Sondre Bye (@sondre_bye) | Instagram
23Robert ÅhällSwedenMK510032BMW E922JZ750Robert Åhäll (@driftrobban) | Instagram
24Jonas FranzénSwedenSHRA Jönköping31Mazda RX81UZ-FE Turbo900Jonas Franzen (@jonasfranzen_drifting) | Instagram
27Ørjan GrønengNorwayNMK Sunnfjord35Toyota Supra2JZ800Ørjan Grøneng Drifting (@orjan_groneng_drifting) | Instagram
32Philip NawrockiSwedenHultsfred MK21Nissan S13M50 Turbo700Nawrocki Drifting (@nawrockidrifting) | Instagram
33Andreas ØvergaardNorwayNMK Solør30Nissan SkylineRB30850Andreas Øvergaard (@andreasovergaard92) | Instagram
34Øyvind EiksåNorwayFKM Lillesand Motorsport28Chevrolet CamaroTurbo LSX1200Øyvind Eikså (@eiksaa) | Instagram
36Max VonkaNorwayNMK Solør22Nissan Silvia S152JZ GTE830VonkaRacing (@vonkaracing) | Instagram
46Ole Peter VatnNorwayNMK Bergen28BMW E82 1M2JZ1050Ole Peter Vatn #46 (@olevatn) | Instagram
49Stian BjørgeengenNorwayNMK Midt-Gudbrandsdal32BMW M2LSX900Ole Peter Vatn #46 (@olevatn) | Instagram
51Jonathan ØrakerNorwayNMK Valdres25BMW E36M50B25 Turbo750Jonathan Øraker (@jonathanoraker) | Instagram
52Erik NeanderSwedenÅby Motorklubb30Nissan S14Chevrolet Turbo LS700Erik Neander (@eneanderdrifting) | Instagram
53Tor-Anders RingnesNorwayNMK Solør36Toyota GR Supra2JZ1024Tor-Anders Ringnes 🇳🇴 (@torandersringnes) | Instagram
55Niklas WikFinlandPede MK30Nissan 350Z1UZ Twinturbo800@wikmotorsport | Instagram
56Alexander SvenssonSwedenMK Scandia19BMW 330M54B30 Turbo535AlexanderWB (@alxwb) | Instagram
58Robert GranaasNorwayNMK Solør24BMW E922JZ800@robertgranaas | Instagram
61Filip JosefssonSwedenHedemora MK25Nissan S14M50B28820@robertgranaas | Instagram
66Richard LoordSwedenHultsfred MK32Volvo S60M50B28850Richard Loord (@loorddrifting) | Instagram
67Mårten StångbergSwedenFMC Borås33Mercedes Benz CLKMercedes M104 Turbo860Team Lovetap Mårten Stångberg (@mstangberg) | Instagram
69Odd-Helge HelstadNorwayNMK Solør26Nissan S14.52JZ900Team Lovetap Mårten Stångberg (@mstangberg) | Instagram
71Christian ChristensenDenmarkMotorsportsforeningen38Nissan Silvia S14TTRS 2,5750Overboost Driftteam (@overboost_driftteam) | Instagram
91Johan AnderssonSwedenMK510031Nissan S142JZ950Generation Sideways (@generationsidewaysdrifting) • Foton och videor på Instagram
97Andreas JohanssonSwedenMK510025BMW E362JZ750Andreas Johansson (@johanssondrifting) • Foton och videor på Instagram
99Felix MolanderSwedenVara MK24Nissan 350zM50B28650Molander Motorsport (@molandermotorsport) • Foton och videor på Instagram
128Mathias NordengenNorwayNMK Solør21Toyota Chaser JZX1001JZ600Mathias Nordengen (@mgndrifting) • Foton och videor på Instagram
160Søren Melin NielsenDenmarkASK Hedeland41Nissan 200SX2JZ GTE750Søren M Nielsen (@melinmotorsport) • Foton och videor på Instagram
170Alfred GrindbergSwedenKatrineholms MK22Nissan S14LS Turbo V8800Grindberg Motorsport (@grindbergmotorsport) • Foton och videor på Instagram
212Viktor WettemarkSwedenHultsfred MK27Nissan S14S54b32 Turbo723Grindberg Motorsport (@grindbergmotorsport) • Foton och videor på Instagram
232Ludvik VonkaNorwayNMK Solør20Nissan S15LS3650VonkaRacing (@vonkaracing) | Instagram
258Viktor AnderssonSwedenWäxjö MK19Toyota GT862JZ780Viktor Andersson,Vxo (@viktoranderssonofficial) • Foton och videor på Instagram
498Tor Arne KviaNorwayNMK Egersund25Nissan S131UZ900Tor Arne Kvia (@torarnekvia) • Foton och videor på Instagram
563Jim OlofssonSwedenVännäs MK34BMW E30M50650Jim Olofsson (@olofssonjim) • Foton och videor på Instagram
666Philip ÅgrenSwedenKAK28Nissan S13LSR 6.4 Twinscrew900Philip Ågren #️⃣4️⃣6️⃣ (@philipagrendrifting) • Foton och videor på Instagram
686Marius SvorkåsNorwayNMK Orkla29BMW M32JZ1000Marius Svorkås (@marius686) • Foton och videor på Instagram
760Hunter TaylorUSA30Toyota Supra800Hunter Marie Taylor (Aasbø) (@huntertaylor760) • Foton och videor på Instagram

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Gatebil Scandinavian Drift Series arrange some of the biggest events in Northern Europe with a total of 4 rounds in two countries, Sweden and Norway.

The season of Gatebil SDS 2023 starts with a pre-season test at Mantorp Park 24th of March. This Pre Season Test is free of charge for every one in the Scandinavian Drift Series starting grid 2023.

The first round of Scandinavian Drift Series takes place the 7th – 8th of April during Påsksladden at Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show in Jönköping, Sweden. Påsksladden has been the most well-attended drifting competition in the Nordics since 2014 with up to 40,000 visitors and Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show has up to 80.000 visitors during the weekend. This event will offer fans a magical drifting experience, as well as the drivers.

Round 2 is held 19th – 20th of May at Vålerbanan in Norway during the first Gatebil Festival of the season. This classic racing track is very popular among drifting drivers.

After the summer break it’s time for Round 3 of Gatebil Scandinavian Drift Series. 31st of August – 2nd September Gatebil SDS visits Norway once more, this time at the legendary Rudskogen during Gatebil Race Festival. Rudskogen, with its unique track structure offers spectacular drifting. 28th – 30th of September the final round are held at Sweden’s national arena for Drifting – Mantorp Park. This is the fastest track in this seasons calendar and it’s during Gatebil Season Finale at Mantorp Park that we decide who is Scandinavia’s best drifting driver 2023.

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One of Scandinavian Drift Series focus is to promote the drivers and teams through social medias. The series place a great emphasis on media such as video material and photos to highlight the drivers in Gatebil SDS.

All rounds will be broadcast live through e.g. YouTube with English speaking commentators. Only elimination will be broadcasted.
We aim to reach Europe with a focus on the Nordics. The livestream will include high quality graphics with drivers information, and possibility to present sponsor to the series as well as sponsors to the drivers.

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Gatebil Scandinavian Drift Series management may admit competitors having a wildcard to the competition on individually agreed terms and conditions. The number of wildcards may vary from round to round.

To apply as a wildcard to Gatebil Scandinavian Drift Series, please contact It’s possible to apply for each round 6 weeks beforehand. Drivers who are early with their application have a better chance of being accepted.

The entry fee must be paid in connection with you being accepted as a wildcard. Non-payment of the entry fee means that you lose your place as a wildcard to the competition. The entry fee for wildcards are 4200 SEK per round.
Information about payment is given in connection with your admission.

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A large prize cermony are held during the events. In three out of four events the prize cermony are held at night during Gatebil Aftertrack. This offers a an extraordinary prizcermony with a large audience and a fantastic atmosphere. Be ready for an evening you won’t forget.

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The series strive to adapt the technical rules to international series. All vehicles and driver equipment must pass a technical inspection before heading out on track. In addition, each vehicle is subject to further technical inspection during and after the competition, in scenarios of participating in another event. This examination will be carried out in time, place and manner specified by the organizers.

The maximum allowed tire width used on the rear axle wheels is 285mm and minimum 200 TW. Minimum 160 TW is allowed if tire width used on the rear axle wheels is maximum 265mm. The minimum allowed tire width used on the rear axle wheels is 265mm.
The tire rules used in 2023 will be evaluated during the season and may change for the 2024 season.

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Matilda Svensson
+46 70 647 09 89

Project Leader Gatebil SDS
Max Lundgren
+46 72 151 77 00

FB: Gatebil Scandinavian Drift Series
Instagram: Scandinavian Drift Series
Youtube: Scandinavian Drift Series

Gatebil SDS is arranged by the organization behind drifting series such as Swedish Drift Series 2022, Gatebil Drift Series 2016 – 2020 and Swedish Drift Championship 2016 -2021. All the experience gathered during these years will be used to create a series at the highest level.