Showgarden at Vålerbanen 2023

In 2023 we ha a really cool Gatebil Showgarden at the first festival Vålerbanen Season Start May 19-21!

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Gatebil is not just about track driving. At all Gatebil festivals we also have a car show together with Meguiars – Gatebil Showgarden.

Gatebil Showgarden takes place from Friday to Sunday, where you have a chance to see many beautiful cars from all over Norway and sometimes also from other countries as well!

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  1. Made in EU
  2. Made in USA
  3. Made in Asia
  4. Retro – Made before 1999
  5. Stance
  6. Race car
  7. Meguiars Shine and Finish – picked by Meguiars
  8. Random Kid Award
  9. Gatebil Award – picked by Gatebil staff
  10. Best Sound
  11. Pop the Hood – Best engine compartment
  12. Swing the Doors – Best decor

    In each of the categories winner was picked by designated partner/jury in each cateogry + a special category where the winner will be picked by Spectators by voting online!

Photo Gallery: