Showgarden at Gatebil Rudskogen July 8-10

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Gatebil is not just about track driving. At all Gatebil festivals we also have a car show together with Meguiars – Gatebil Showgarden.

Gatebil Showgarden takes place from Friday to Sunday, where Saturday afternoon is celebrated with a special parade on the track for all show cars.

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Friday, 8 of July

08:00 Gates open for Showgarden participants
09:00 Admission to Gatebil Showgarden opens
18:00 Showgarden parade on the track
19:00 Gatebil Showgarden closes to the public

Saturday, 9 of July

09:00 Gatebil Showgarden opens to the public
19:00 Gatebil Showgarden closes to the public

Sunday, 10th of July

09:00 Gatebil Showgarden opens to the public
12:00 Award ceremony
17:00 Gatebil Showgarden closes to the public

P.s. Remember that to receive your prize, you have to attend the Gatebil Award Ceremony that will take place on Sunday, 10.07. At Gatebil Taxi tent area.

I want to show my car!
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Do you have a show car that you would like to display at the Gatebil Festival? Then you can still be part of the exhibition and thus win great prizes!
To participate in the exhibition you need entrance tickets, these you can buy in advance here: BUY TICKETS HERE
Of course, it is also possible to buy entrance tickets at the arrival.
Upon arrival, our entrance staff will refer you to the exhibition area, where there are staff who show where you should stand, then you will receive exhibition notes where you write about your car and then place in the windshield.

We recommend that you pre-register to participate in the car show. Places are limited and we reserve the rights to decline your application, if you have not been pre-registred.

Register your car here: and pick the according festival you are planning to attend.

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Categories where the top 3 is picked by visitors:

  1. Made in EU
  2. Made in USA
  3. Made in Asia
  4. Retro – Made before 1999
  5. Stance
  6. Race car
  7. Best in Showgarden

Special categories where the one winner is picked by designated partner/jury in each cateogry:

  1. Meguiars Shine and Finish – picked by Meguiars
  2. Random Kid Award
  3. Gatebil Award – picked by Gatebil staff
  4. Best Sound
  5. Pop the Hood – Best engine compartment
  6. Swing the Doors – Best decor
See the participants
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You will find all participants, their pictures and info about them HERE.


Gatebil’s partners for the exhibition are Meguiar’s car products. Meguiars participates in all the festivals to show you how to take care of your car in the best way. All winners also receive Meguiar’s products in their prizes next to the famous “G” prize!

Meguiars on Facebook.