1. you are allowed to place your stand only in a predetermined size on the spot allocated by the organiser.
  2. You can only exhibit your marketing material about brand/brands that have been agreed with the event organiser beforehand. You are not allowed to promote brands that have not been brought into the agreement. For drivers – You are allowed to have marketing material for your sponsors – a flag, a banner, brouchures, but you are not allowed to sell their products at your stand if there has not been agreement beforehand with the organiser.
  3. Drivers are allowed to sell driver attributes – T-shirts, flags, caps etc, that are related to your driver only if they have gotten approval by the organisere beforehand. If you are planning on having any kind of sale at your stand, you must contact organisers before the festival.
  4. You are not allowed to keep your trailer at your stand. You can find the information about the trailer parking area designated to each festival seperately by asking the personell allocating you the spot for your stand.
  5. You are not allowed to keep your personal cars at the stand area, other than the track car and camper / truck if you have gotten a permission from the organiser.
  6. You are allowed to play music that does not disturb stands around you, and only from 08:00 AM – 02:00 AM. If you are being asked to turn the volume down by the neighbouring stand, organisers, crew or security, you must do that without hesitation and immediately.
  7. You are responsible about leaving the designated area of your stand in the same order as you received it, leaving nothing behind (including liquid). If you will leave anything behind, Gatebil beholds right to issue a fee and invoice it to you.
  8. The risk of fire is something everyone must take seriously, and common sense is what counts. Disposable grills are prohibited, but regular grills on legs are permitted, unless otherwise announced before or at the festival. You are responsible to never block any of the roads / streets around you, so that fire departments safety ways are open at all times!
  9. Gatebil festivals both in Norway and Sweden are now Glass Free. Glass bottles are not allowed, as broken glass is unpleasant for both people and cars. All liquids must be held in plastic or metal compartments such as bottles, cans and other.
  10. If you require electricity at your stand,