SUPER 3 in 2024!

As every year on July Festival we have the most famous drifting competition in Gatebil – Gatebil super 3!

Super 3 is a team drifting competition where 3 cars drive in teams and work together to stay as close and wide as possible. Super 3 is crazy fun for participants and a nerve-wracking smoke show for the audience!
The competition is always held at Gatebil Rudskogen in July, and has been organized in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023 and now in 2024!

Everyone who participates in Super 3 must have an ordinary drifting licence. To get this licence, the car must have cages and other safety equipment as required for cars with an ordinary driving licence. You can find more information: HERE.

Registration has began.
Drop an email to Kristiana at Gatebil and write the full name, email, phone nr., country they are representing, car info, picture of each car from a side and of course a good name for the team. Get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Tel: (+47) 40052742
Messenger: Kristiana Magreca

There is no entry fee to participate, except that all participants must be registered/enrolled for ordinary track driving.

FB group for drivers only: here

Here is a list of participants. Latest update: 2.07.24. List is going to be updated from time to time.

NrTeam nameDriversCarsPhoto
1Team S39Tobias Eklund
Thomas Nyqvist
Simon Berg
Nissan s13 Rocketbunny BMW V8 turbo motor
Nissan S13 Rocketbunny Ford Barra motor
Nissan s13 Rocketbunny Mercedes m104 motor
2Team Norge rundtDaniel Lian
Petter Haukø
Henrik Valby
BMW E46 M3 – M50B29
Opel Omega AMG – Mercedes AMG V8
Toyota Supra – 2JZ-GTE
3Sørby utleie by SamsonasAndreas Øvergaard
Øyvind Bogen
Odd Helge Helstad
Nissan Skyline R33 Pandem
Nissan S15
Nissan S14.5
4Team FullfinansJonathan Øraker
Kyrre Nielsen
Jørgen Skjevling
BMW E36 M50 Turbo
Nissan Skyline R32 2JZ
Toyota Supra 1JZ
5Team good old gammel nokHelge Ougland
Morten Lyngøy
Kenneth Nornes
Bmw M3 e36
Toyota Supra Mk4
Bmw M2
6Team OrklandOle Peter Vatn
Marius Svorkås
Petter Wåtland
Bmw e82 2jz
BMW e92 M3 2jz
7Team BekkevoldMarius Bekkevold
Jonas Bekkevold
Fred Andre Bekkevold
Mercedes w124
Mercedes w123
8 Team BMW Joachim Waagaard
Marcus østby
Sigve Egge
bmw e46 2JZ
bmw e92 RB30
bmw m4 LS3
9Oompa Loompa & the WankersMax Vonka
Olav Haugen Hasdal
Christoffer Syvertsen
Nissan Silvia S15 Rocket bunny 2jz
Mercedes A-Class Driftspec
BMW E46 2JZ Driftspec
10Hadeland DriftingChristian Engesvoll
Simen Engesvoll
Emil Reinsborg
Streetfighter E46 M3 2JZ
BMW M3 2JZ Pandem
E30 V10
11Hawk tuah, and spit..Thomas Engen
Myrvold Steingrim
Haukjem Emil Flateland
Skyline ER34
Toyota Supra MK4
12Team ignite racefuelMartin sandaker
Kim Lyshaug
Lars Dalberg
Bmw e30
Bmw e36
Toyota supra
13Team BricksquadSteffen Tveite
Krister Isaksen
Bjørn Inge Rokstad
Volvo 740
Volvo 740
Toyota Supra
14Team EyjafjallajökullAron gíslasson
Hrafnkell “keli” Rúnarsson
Gunnar Yngvi
2007 w204 benz with LT1 gen5 corvette engine
BMW e36 compact – M50B30 turbo 700hp
BMW e46 2jz swapped
15Team SupremeOle Morten Davanger
Joachim Haugenes
Simen Olsen
Toyota GT86
Toyota GT86
Toyota Supra Mk5
16Something OffensiveLena Charlotte Westby Anniken Ullebø Henrik M KrogstadBmw E30, 1989
Bmw E36, 1992
Bmw E46, 2000
17Må gå detJoakim Eidsmo-Sand
Kasper Eidsmo-Sand
Kim Skedsmo
18Buldre Drifting TeamSondre Bye
Robert Granaas L
ars Henrik Skoglund
19Buldre RacingteamPeder Eggum 
Frank Tommy Knudsen
Vidar Jødahl
Toyota supra med 2jz-gte, 700hk
Supra Mk4
20Professional ChildrenHunter Taylor
Joakim Raknerud
Espen Rohde
2jz 700hp Toyota Supra KSR Powered m50b28 600hp
BMW e46 KSR Powered m50b30 800hp
BMW e46
21Team ZeknovaFannar Þór
Robin Furulund
Marcus Nedin
Porsche 944 1986
Mercedes w203,5 cdimonster
Bmw e36
22TeamPrettyboyschocoAlexander Már Steinarsson
Snorri Þór
Bmw e46
Toyota Supra
23ÖJ PERFORMANCE Hasse hansson
Jonas carsting
Jonathan Lindén
BMW e82
BMW e46
BMW e36
242 drängar och en brudOlav Kristiansen
Stein Remi Uggerud
Torunn Hegge
Volvo 740
Volvo 740
Volvo 240
25ditt å datt fra SørlandetRonnie larsen
Filip bartosiewicz
Per Erik Hovden
Nissan s14 1jz
BMW e46 stasjonsvogn 2,8 sugis motor
BMW e46 2jz 
26Jakten på Team ToyotaOla Jæger 
Martin Amundrød
Tor Anders Ringens