Super 3 Qualification Results

After an amazing an a very wet fight 12 teams have managed to secure their spot in Finals that will take place on Friday, 7.07.23. at 7 PM!

All three winner teams from previous years – Team Datsun Racing (2022), Team Full Finans (2021), Team Toyota (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) are in for the finals. Is it one of them who will take it further or is it someone new?

1Team Toyota
2Team Rymax
3Team Datsun Racing
4Team Fullfinans
5Team Bekkevold
6Team Silvia
7Team Norge Rundt
8Team No Child Left Behind
9Team Guttelim
10Team Klovner i Kamp
11Team The Driftdolls
12Team Brick Squad
13Team Old Boys
14Team Jordebil
15Team SistEliten
16Team Hadeland drifting
17Team Grassroots
18Team Sørby Utleie
19Buldre Racing Team
20Team Iceland
21Team NDT
22Team Kortmans Busgrogg
23Team MA Antilagforening
24Team Niceland

Top 12 goes further to the finals tomorrow at 19:00