New in 2016: Gatebil Superstar drift challenge

Gatebil Superstar Drift Challenge 2016 is the first ever drifting competition by Gatebil. It will take place at Rudskogen Motorpark Norway during the main GATEBIL festival 7 – 10th of July. The competition kick´s off on Thursday, and the final will be held on Friday.

LINK: Info about Gatebil at Rudskogen July 7-10.

Professional drifters from all over the world participate at Gatebil´s main festival in July every year. They all love the traction at Rudskogen – one of the very best racetracks in Europe.

There have been many inquires to Gatebil about creating a drifting competition – and it is with extreme excitement that we can announce the introduction of just that:  GATEBIL SUPERSTAR DRIFT CHALLENGE 2016- a world class drift competition!

We welcome the world. The GATEBIL SUPERSTAR DRIFT CHALLENGE will not only consist of regular GATEBIL-participants. Selected international drivers from all over the world will be given the challenge to battle the very elite at GATEBIL. Our ambitions are that this will become a prestigious event of high international standard.

24 drivers chosen by Gatebil, are guaranteed to be in Top 32, but they will need to qualify to get the right start grid. The remaining drivers will need to battle for the last eight spots in the Top 32.

Practice, qualifying and Top 32 will be held on Thursday July 7- and the grid show with Final Top 16 will be held Friday evening. During the Gatebil festival it is always open for everyone to drift as usual according to the drift-schedule listed in our programme for the weekend.

All drivers must have a valid drifting/racing license (a regular national license issued in home country will be valid in this competition). The drivers must be insured. The car needs to be authorized/approved to drive in a drifting series such as Formula Drift, Drift Allstar, King of Europe and/or other drifting series. Remember that the noise limit is quite strict at a maximum 100dB, both at regular track-driving and in competition.

Wednesday July 6:
17:00-21:00. Check-In and Scrutineering/ Tech Inspection.

Thursday July 7:
09:00-13:00. Check-In and Scrutineering/Tech Inspection.
13:00-13:30. Drivers briefing at secretariat.
14:00-15:00. Practice.
15:00-17:00. Qualifying.
18:00-21:00. Top 32.

Friday July 8:
12:00-13:00. Autograph-signing session.
15:00-15:30. Drivers briefing.
18:30-19:00. Gridshow.
19:00-21:00. Top 16.

Saturday July 9:
Drive for fun at the track.
Powerslide World Championship: Qualifying.

Sunday July 10:
Drive for fun at the track.
Powerslide World Championship: Final.

Questions regarding the contest? Contact Gatebil at:

LINK: Info about Gatebil at Rudskogen July 7-10.

Gatebil Superstar is Sponsored by Monster Energy.

This is the view of the track for Gatebil Superstars Drift Challenge. Race-pit will be on the track in the carousel after the uphill from ‘Angsten’ and pre-start will be located just before the straight downhill that leads into the well-known corner «Slaktern». Finish is set to be at the exit of «Breisladdsvingen». The course is 820 meters long and consists of 5 clipping points.

Gatebil is known as the ‘The hottest track day festival in the World”. Gatebil has five festivals every year and the main event at Rudskogen, Norway, is always held during the second weekend in July. Each year more than 40.000 people from all over the world visit the main event.

LINK: More about Gatebil at Rudskogen Norway July 7-10.

The American drivers Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Ryan Tuerck at Gatebil in 2014. Both Gittin Jr. and Tuerck have asked for a proper drifting competition at Gatebil. The official Gatebil Superstar partner Monster Energy, will invite Gittin Jr. and Tuerck as well as other Monster Energy-sponsored drivers to come and battle in the Gatebil Superstars Driftchallenge.

Mad Mike Whiddett from New Zealand is one of many international drifting-stars who has been driving at Gatebil several times. In 2012 he was the first winner of Gatebil Powerslide World Championship. The question is; Does Mad Mike have the guts to join Gatebil Superstars this year to compete with more international drivers than ever before?

Fredric Aasbø
Formula Drift stars such as Kenny Moen and Fredric Aasboe (Formula Drift World Champion 2015) will be drifting in the Gatebil Superstars Competition. Neither Fredric or Kenneth have competed in Norway since 2009.  Fredric will be driving his car used for European events- a Rocket Bunny Toyota GT86, while Kenneth will be drifting his newly built BMW M3 E46.

LINK: Read more about Gatebil at Rudskogen Norway 7-10th July.

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