The Big Entry Show! Vålerbanen, Saturday 13:00

Gatebil and Fredric Aasbø invite you to a spectacular new competition – The Big Entry Show at Vålerbanen! So much action, speed and fun like never before in Gatebil Vålerbanen!

The Big Entry Show

This is a new competition where the participants use a part of a race track (previously determinated) to give the public a demonstration of car control. Read more about the competition.

The perfect run looks like this:

  • Roll off at the start without wheel spin and drive with grip out of turn 10 (out onto the depot area)
  • Accelerate as hard as you can down the depot flat to get as much speed as possible into a backwards entry.
  • Aggressive flick past the start/finish, into the backwards entry with the rear end of the car towards the audience stand.
  • Important: It is better to have a slightly smaller angle, but keep the speed up and be in control, than to send the car into a spin, lose speed and have to correct out of the entry.
  • Controlled transition into the left turn out of the chicane,
  • Absolutely 100% full throttle out of the chicane and down past the cafeteria.


Lineup and service cars: Between turn 8 and turn 9 (the start of the “driving lane”)
The Big Entry: Into turn 1 (the chicane after the start/finish)
Finish line: Turn 3 (past the cafeteria building)

Judging criteria: Impact, angle and speed. The judges want as aggressive and fast driving as possible, rather than a lot of angles and “burnout” over the entire course. Think of the run as a “knit that charges”: You tighten the knit as much as you can, and release all the energy in the entry to the chicane.

– Impact
– angle
– speed
The judges want as aggressive and fast driving as possible, rather than a lot of angles and “burnout” over the entire course. Think of the run as a “knit that charges”: You tighten the knit as much as you can, and release all the energy in the entry to the chicane.

Unlike in normal drifting, here we are not so careful about whether you don’t follow a certain route or line – we would rather have an entertaining run that makes the audience cheer!



The participants will be picked out and selected based on what is shown on Gatebil drift lines on Friday and previous merits in drifting. The competition is open to cars with both rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. There are no requirements for tires or regulations beyond Gatebil’s safety regulations for track driving, and it is desirable to have a large variety in the type of cars and participants – everything from pure street cars with simple modifications to thoroughbred drifting cars. Everyone can win here if you have steel control on the tool you got! Show us what you can do on Friday – and join the big highlight of spring on Saturday!

Drivers are welcome to express interest to participate at the regular drivers briefings at the festival on Friday up to 18:00 by filling in a form that will be available in the drivers briefing room.
Drivers list will be published on on Friday evening at 19:00

Interview with Fredric Aasbø – three-time Formula Drift champion:

Who came up with the concept of The Big Entry Show?

Fredric: – After 15 years of drifting around the world, it has started to feel a bit stale and repetitive. I also feel like Gatebil is the perfect place to try new competition formats… So I simply suggested the competition to Hans Jørgen (“Bassan”) at Gatebil. He loved the idea.

Tell me how The Big Entry Show is different from other drift competitions?

Fredric: – The Big Entry Show is different from other drift competitions in a few ways: It’s a very compressed show of just one major highlight: The high speed entry, which is arguably the coolest part of drifting. Also, we’ve removed all the technical rules from regular drifting, in an effort to removed the politics, the long waits and some of the drama that often hurt a typical drifting show. We want this to be a fun, high action experience for everyone.

Are you going to be judging this competition in the first time Gatebil is having it?

Fredric: – Yes, I will be the head judge and will be placed with the spectators and the other judges. The goal is to feel the energy within the grandstand and judge in line with what the fans want to see.

What is going through your mind while you yourself are driving as in the video about it? What are you thinking about?

Fredric: – Well, anytime I’m on track, I’m just focusing on the next corner. But – sending the car into a deep, aggressive entry probably makes me focus a little bit extra… When you get it right, it’s the best feeling ever.

Do you still get adrenaline from drifting?

Fredric: – I absolutely still get adrenaline from drifting, but not until it’s really “ON”. The travelling and waiting has gotten old, but going into battle or trying to stick that one corner you’ve been struggling with definitely makes my blood flow. This is what keeps me going. But: I’m also getting a kick out of being behind the scenes, letting other people shine and help develop new experiences and ideas.

What kind of skills a driver needs to master to drive the Show?

Fredric: – Of course, you need excellent car control. But, you also need to be able to hold back that little bit – because if you charge too hard, you’ll send your car into a spin and possibly roll in the treacherous sand pit at Vålerbanen.

Why should people come and watch the Show?

Fredric: – If we get this right, it’ll be the coolest one hour show at Gatebil ever. A perfect pit party and a good time with your friends, watching some kick ass driving from the best seats in the house. See you there!