Ticket information Gatebil 2018

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As a person you need to choose among two types of tickets. Day ticket or Festival ticket. Day ticket are for day visitors and Festival tickets are for overnight stayers and are required on the camping area and at Aftertrack. There are three different festival tickets. Thursday, Friday or Saturday – all of them are to Sunday.

As for the car there are only one type of ticket. Car Ticket (or Vehicle Pass) are valid on all areas inside the gate – eather you are bringing the car to the camp area, depot area, the track or exhibition area. All tents, trailers and caravans are free of charge (as long as the person and car has a ticket). The Car Ticket are valid the entire period from opening to the end.

Tickets to all 3 festivals in Norway are available at www.tickster.se among with gift certificates. Tickets for Gatebil Festivals in Sweden (Mantorp) are releast early in 2018.

Festival ticket from Thursday 23th August: 1400,- NOK
Festival ticket from Friday 24th August: 1200,- NOK
Festival ticket from Saturday 25th August: 900,- NOK
Day ticket (Friday, Saturday OR Sunday): 300,- NOK
Day parking: 50,- NOK
Vehicle Pass (all areas – Thursday to Sunday etc). 300,- NOK

Children under 12 years of age are free of charge.

*Ticket prices are only when bought online. An extra fee applies if buying at the gate:
Day ticket, day parking and Vehicle pass are addition 50,- NOK fee pr ticket.
Festivalticket are addition 150,- NOK fee per ticket.

Prices for driving on the track are released early in 2018.

LINK: Buy tickets and gift certificates here.

A familiy with 2 adults and 2 children under 12 year of age are taking a daytrip to Gatebil. They are driving a everyday car that are not a show car, so they just want to park. They need to buy to day tickets and one Day parking.

Three buddies are going to Gatebil in a Car with a caravan attached. They arrive on Friday morning and are staying at the camp area the entire period with the car, caravan and a tent. They need to buy a Festival ticket from Friday each and a Vehicle Pass for the car. The caravan and tent are free of charge. They have access to all areas including Aftertrack and of course the track area.

Two mates are going to Gatebil with a renovated 1991 Mercedes 500E. They arrive early Saturday morning and are planning to stay for the day and also want to attend the car exhibition for showcars. They will need a Day ticket each and a Vehicle pass for the car.

Five friends are arriving Gatebil in a bus with trailer and a track car. They arrive Thursday morning and are planning to stay to Sunday. One person are driving and the rest are helping out and riding along with the track car. They arrive early and hoping for a spot in pit area. They need to buy one Festival Ticket from Thursday each and two Vehicle Pass – one for the bus and one for the race car. The driver needs to pay for the driving as well. Prices will be announced early in 2018.

LINK: Buy tickets and gift certificates here.

The Festival Ticket gives access to all areas including Aftertrack area Friday and Saturday night.